Thank you for choosing Bloggeries. We take pride in providing our visitors with a quality spam free human edited blog directory. We want to make sure that their experience is a pleasant one and that the blog they found satisfies their search. It is our intent to confirm the validity of all submissions, and to ensure that any listings within this directory are relevant and functioning. We ask that you follow some simple guidelines when submitting your blog to Bloggeries.

All blog submissions will be manually checked, and any blogs that do not fall within the set guidelines, may be subject to refusal or deletion. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS once a site has been submitted and reviewed by our staff. After it has been a reviewed, a blog worthy of inclusion will receive an acceptance letter. If the blog does not satisfy the guidelines of this directory it will receive a rejection letter.

All blogs in the directory are subject to these guidelines, and any deviance may result in deactivation of your existing listing without refund. If your listing is removed, you have the option of resubmitting after appropriate changes have been made by you. Bloggeries reserves the right to change the category of your listing without notice if deemed appropriate. Once again, we want to thank you for your submission(s), and hope you have a pleasant day.

General rules

  1. We reserve the right to delete any listing without notice, if we find it to be in violation of our guidelines.
  2. Absolutely no blogs will be allowed that points to illegal content, pornography, or content that is deemed unsuitable for most audiences.
  3. Absolutely no profanity is to allowed in either the title or description of your submission.
  4. These guidelines are subject to change without notice.
  5. No construction sites.
  6. Only blogs and RSS feeds accepted
  7. You may only submit to one category. Multiple submissions will be rejected at our discretion.
  8. Upon periodic inspection blogs that are found to be inactive for a time period of 90 days will be made inactive without notice. Contact us to be reactivated.

Blog directory listing titles

  1. Editors reserve right to select listing name.
  2. No keyword spamming


  1. URLs should contain http:// - example:


  1. Please limit descriptions to 250 characters or less.
  2. Descriptions should be in the form of complete sentences.
  3. No keyword spamming
  4. No URLs in descriptions
  5. Descriptions should tell the visitor about your blog, and offer some idea of what your blog is about.