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Title: You Know You Care - http://youknowyoucare.com
Description: A celebrity gossip blog discussing the latest scandals, Hollywood gossip, entertainment news and everything else you know you care about.
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Two Words: Tom Daley

Today I find myself in serious Olympics speedos and wet bodies withdrawal. This 18 year old Brit has barely made the OILF (Olympians I’d Like to Fuck) club. I would totally pull a Demi Moore on him...
OILF #4 ? Camille LaCourt ? I Mean Qui Fucking Qui

Sorry, team USA but this French Olympic God is welcome to get us wet with us anytime. Now go change you panties.
OILF #3 ? Matt Anderson ? Men?s Volleyball

One does not simply watch Olympic Men’s Volleyball for the sport. Meet Matt Anderson, a 6’10 real-life Ken doll. Matt is 25 from Buffalo, NY and played Vollyeball at Penn State. But let me not bore...
Chad Le Clos ? OILF #2. An Olympian I?d Like to Fuck.

Chad le Clos, a 20 year old from South Africa who just beat out Michael Phelps for a gold medal in the 200m butterfly.
Ryan Lochte ? OILF #1. An Olympian I?d (and let?s be serious You?d) Like to F...