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Why SEO Is About Visibility Instead of Ranking

Over the past two years, I?ve heard and read tons of people who use “SEO” and “ranking” as synonyms. But are they really the same thing? For all the more SEOs talk about ranking, Google seems almos...

Why You Should Have Social Proof on Your Site

Think about the last time you made a purchase, either online or off. How did you decide which business to patronize? And what factors ultimately convinced you to buy? If you?re like most consumers,...

Why (and How) You Need to Optimize Old Blog Posts

Optimization is the cornerstone of any successful blog. After all, you need people to be able to find the content that you create ? otherwise, why make it? But the Internet changes every day, and w...

What Does America Import?

Capitalism spawns competition and ultimately steers the flow of imports and exports between countries. At any given time, the import or export prices of one country may counter those of another, wh...

How to Start a Blog Post

Most savvy business owners know that a strong content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to boost their site?s rankings and traffic, but even so, many of them don?t have or regularly update...