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How to Target 73% of Online Adults: Finding an Effective Social Media Strategy

Let?s face it: social media can be a little baffling when it comes to getting the word out about your business or your products. You know your customers are out there somewhere, but on the wide ope...

The Science of Selfies [Infographic]

We are truly living in the age of the selfie. Named the 2013 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year and proven powerful enough to crash Twitter, the selfie trend just seems to keep growing with no en...

Stop, Thief! 5 Steps to Wipe Out Stolen Website Content

If someone steals something from your house or store, you probably know exactly what to do. You call the police, describe what was taken, file an insurance claim, and try to get on with your life. ...

Google Analytics: Visits and Visitors Now Sessions and Users

Last night, Google once again snuck an update past us and right onto our Google Analytics Dashboards. For the majority of users, it likely won’t make a huge difference. However, the change in termi...

The 10 Worst SEO Practices on the Web

Knowing how to ethically and strategically craft a solid SEO campaign is kind of like knowing another language. Speaking to search engines through title tags, links, and quality content is all part...