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Title: Tulsa Food Blog - http://www.tulsafoodblog.com/
Description: Restaurant reviews in the Tulsa area.
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Tulsa food & dining casually reviewed by ordinary people with a passion for foo

Life?s a Beach: Baja Jacks does California-Mexican

I entered Baja Jacks, and was immediately met with vivid and cheerful colors in all directions. It was a welcome surprise on an extremely cold and dreadful winter day. The walls of Baja Jacks are a...

STG Pizzeria and Gelateria: The Boys from Andolini?s Bust into Dowtown ? Tuls...

Back in November, I spent a month bumming around Europe. While in Italy, I took dining to a new level, justifying taste after snack after meal, and refused to feel bad about it. I was convinced the...

Brian Schwartz?s Top Tulsa Dishes of 2014

I’m shaking things up this year. When I began working on the Top Tulsa Dishes of 2014 list a few weeks ago, it was business as usual. I did what I do each year, and made a list of Tulsa’s finest ch...

Brian Schwartz?s Top Chef Dishes of 2014

It was a strange year for fine dining. Chefs quit their jobs at French Laundry and came to work in Tulsa. Other chefs, some of our very best, lost their jobs and couldn’t find another. Some of them...

Tulsa Deco Offers Garth-Themed Wine Dinner

Some of the best kept foodie secrets in town are the special event dinners offered throughout the year at Girouard Vines in the East Village (3rd and Lansing). If you’re looking for a unique dining...