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Champagne Cosmo Recipe Video

Click here for the article Cosmos are a Girl’s Best Friend, that inspired this recipe! Heather’s Champagne Cosmo (Serves 2) Ingredients: 2 parts cranberry juice 1 part orange liqueur 1/2 lime (juic...

Stella Reauxs Food Truck: A Southern & Cajun Taste Explosion

Stella Reauxs (pronounced ?rose?) opened in mid-May this year and has been a delight to Tulsa foodies ever since. Tiffanie Reynolds is a women of many talents. She has explored several different vo...

The Tavern: Fall Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

Though less than 5 years old, The Tavern on Brady has become an anchor in Downtown Tulsa’s local restaurant landscape. The restaurant sits on the corner of Main and Brady and is one of the finest g...

Cosmos are a Girl?s Best Friend

Sex and the City fans are very familiar with the cosmopolitan, a drink the show made even more popular than it already was. I can remember going to a celebratory party at Cosmo Cafe & Bar, back whe...

Toad Hollow Wine Dinner at The French Hen

One of the great things about The French Hen is the quality and regularity of their wine dinners.  Their most recent wine dinner featured wines from Toad Hollow and a guest appearance from the owne...