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The Bramble Brings a Unique Farm to Table Breakfast and Bar to Blue Dome

Breaking the fast?I?m a fan. Breaking it at The Bramble in Downtown Tulsa is like a little slice of Heaven.  Well, wait. That was the dessert of lemon blueberry pie. We?ll get to that. This new con...

Krazy Olive: Fresh Urban Deli Fare From the Heart

When I heard about the Krazy Olive?s opening last year I became fascinated with the idea of trying it. Not only because of the memorable name, but also for the extensive menu they offer. I have a g...

People Behind the Plates: Chef Trevor Tack of McNellies Restaurant Group

In this week’s “People Behind the Plates” we sat down with Trevor Tack, the corporate chef for the McNellie’s Group of restaurants, to talk a little bit about his history, his passions, and his vis...

Hoot Owl Coffee: Love and the Mystery of the Brew

I stand wide-eyed as Jeff, co-owner of Hoot Owl, takes my coffee order. I think about it a moment and instantly know what I want. I?m going for a Cortado, a coffee brewed with an Ethiopian amaro ga...

People Behind the Plates: Chris & Amanda of Lassalle?s

People Behind the Plates is an ongoing TulsaFood.com Video Series highlighting the local talent behind the eateries we love.  Owners Chris and Amanda were both born and raised in Metarie, a signifi...