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Title: Tulsa Food Blog - http://www.tulsafoodblog.com/
Description: Restaurant reviews in the Tulsa area.
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Tulsa food & dining casually reviewed by ordinary people with a passion for foo

Dining out in Tulsa every day of the week for $99. (Part 1- Dinner)

It began with a challenge: to dine out in Tulsa every day, lunch and dinner, on a total budget of only $99. Could this be done and still enjoy flavorful, exciting, local dining? This coupon-clutchi...

Dalesandro?s: The story of the family behind Tulsa?s most famous Italian cuisine

Contributors: Brian Schwartz, Valerie Grant, Mitch Dees 1989 was not an easy year for Buzz Dalesandro. He lost his job and his wife left him. “His back was against the wall,” says his son, Sonny Da...

People Behind the Plates : Erik Reynolds of SMOKE on Cherry Street

We got to sit down with Erik Reynolds, executive chef at SMOKE on Cherry Street, and learn more about his story. Watch this video to hear about where he started, his passions, and his vision for Tu...

McNellie?s Gives South Tulsa a Local Island in a Sea of Chains

James E. McNellie?s Public House has brought a lively taste of Ireland to downtown Tulsa since 2004. Thankfully, McNellie?s South offers the same Irish atmosphere, excellent service, and quality fo...

All Roads Lead to La Roma: Authentic Lebanese Food in South Tulsa

Even more than the décor, exciting menus, and exotic drinks, I love the feel of a restaurant. It?s more sensory than sensibility. It?s the feeling of the embrace upon returning home, the confidence...