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Title: Tolemac's Metaphysical Blog -
Description: Thoughts and discussions surrounding human potential, metaphysics, psychic healing and new age thought. Also includes discussions on the law of attraction, Stuart Wilde and product reviews of metaphysical nature.
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Tolemac's Metaphysical Blog
Energy Healing and metaphysical discussions.

Affirmation for the new year ? 2014
At the beginning of this new year, I asked to receive a new affirmation that would be powerful for everyone, no matter what is going on and in all situations, so that we can move forward throughout...
Seasons Greetings!
This year, my gift to you all is a $15 an hour discount off the price of the regular Conscious Energy Healing sessions. From now until December 21st, healing sessions are only $75 an hour. Gift you...
Strange Universe Interview
This is my first radio interview with my spiritual and metaphysical brother, and one of my very best friends, Sean David Morton, on his Strange Universe radio show on Revolution Radio. This intervi...
Book Review: ?I Believe ~ When What You Believe Matters!?
Over the past 35 years, I’ve been asked, been given, or had suggested to me that I read an incredible amount of books on the subjects of metaphysics, self help, human potential and esoteric teachin...
Pure Love
I love my life. I love how on some mornings I wake up and information like this floods my heart and mind. This is my soul speaking to me with Pure Love. =) Our souls, those individual aspects of So...