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Title: The Pay Ethos -
Description: This blog consists of concepts, thoughts, advice, debate, essays, discussions and what not about the concept of pay and how it affects all aspects of our lives.
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Our Pay and Work Ethos
Theories, Concepts, Discussion, Debates and Advise

A New Year!!
I have been gone for a while from this blog. My teaching chores have kept me busy. But starting the New Year I am coming back to blogging and will do so regularly. Also notice the title change for ...
Dollars ? Stanley M. Herman
Over the forty or so years that I have been a “people specialist” I have read many books covering the subject matter of the discipline. But I can truly say that no other book has made a lasting imp...
No long-term savings from workforce reductions!
Nowadays, more than ever,  we see a widespread use of a very short-term business practice – workforce reductions. This practice is quite in vogue. Business pundits have even coined extraordinary wo...
Changes in the Wind!
Here is a question: What in your opinion will be some of the major shifts in occupations/jobs/careers as we move through this  century? There are major changes in the winds in this Internet age. He...
Some musings about career success!
Given your long years of working and your field of specialization can you expound on the work principles that have worked for you and those that have hindered your career. This is a great question....