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Description: Bringing you the latest in runway and fashion news, plus coverage of models, designers and the media.
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Daily fashion news with coverage of runway shows, trends, designers, models, and fashion magazine...

Prada Is Happy to Dress You for the Apocalypse

When the dissonant, glam-rock-esque soundtrack started up at Prada, spectators might have been forgiven for expecting a glam-rock extravaganza. But Miuccia Prada is rarely that thematic. Instead, ...
Are You Even Cool Enough to Use a Flip Phone, Though?

The flip phone is currently up for consideration as the trend accessory of the moment. Some factors to consider:Demographics: Time reports that 15 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds and 13 percent of ...
The Prada Show Took Place on a Giant Sand Dune

Today's Prada show came accessorized with 150 tons of purple sand. While the makeshift dune may have foiled a few wobbly models, it mostly delighted the audience, based on their tweets. A sampling...
Gemma Ward Walked in the Prada Show Today

It?s been six years since we?ve seen Gemma Ward ? who took a hiatus from modeling in 2008 ? walk down a runway. But today she appeared in Prada?s spring/summer 2015 show in Milan, opening the show...
It Was a Barbie World at Moschino

Cue the Aqua. Jeremy Scott managed to top the outrageousness of fall's drive-thru chic with a Barbie-themed Moschino collection shown today in Milan. That meant tons of pink heart-shaped purses an...