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Description: Bringing you the latest in runway and fashion news, plus coverage of models, designers and the media.
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The Cut
Daily fashion news with coverage of runway shows, trends, designers, models, and fashion magazine...

The FBI and Apple Are Investigating the Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence has been in contact with authorities after nude photos of her and a number of other female celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and Victoria Justice, were leaked on 4...
Carrie Underwood Is Pregnant

Carrie Underwood announced on Monday that she is expecting her first child along with her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher. The American Idol alum shared the news via Twitter, posting a photo of he...
The Year When August Bored Celebrities to Insanity

August bore on. It was slow and dragging, filled with tedium and dullness. Days stretched and bled into one another. It was the month when people across the world doused themselves with buckets of...
The 5 Kinds of Poems You Hear at Weddings

My childhood friend Kathryn is marrying, and she asked me to read a poem at her wedding. I took to this task, at first, like an overachieving English major, yanking heavy anthologies off the shelf...
I Ate With a Food-Shaming Fork for a Week

I am sitting in a restaurant tucked away on a quiet street in Tribeca, stabbing at overpriced Brussel sprouts with a neon green ?smart fork? approximately four times the size of a regular fork. Ba...