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Description: Bringing you the latest in runway and fashion news, plus coverage of models, designers and the media.
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The Cut
Daily fashion news with coverage of runway shows, trends, designers, models, and fashion magazine...

Dating Naked: Let?s Overthrow the Patriarchy!

In the last episode, our two main naked daters ? Chris and Kerri ? had to decide whom to keep and whom to send home. Chris kept Katie, the cool, tattooed tomboy; while, in a twist, Kerri decided t...
Man Gives Away Wife?s Precious Judy Blume Book

Are you there, God? It's me, the bonehead Brooklyn husband who accidentally gave away my wife's beloved copy of the classic Blume book Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. I've been putting thes...
Paper Towns Author on Why Cara Delevingne Rules

Even though Cara Delevingne hardly needed any help standing up for herself during yesterday's cringe-y Good Day Sacramento interview, Paper Towns author John Green jumped to her defense after the ...
A New Study Explains Why You and Your 7th-Grade Best Friend Drifted Apart

Most middle-school friendships are pretty much doomed to fall apart, according to both the authors of a new study in Psychological Science and anyone who has ever been or known a middle schooler. ...
Use a Flatiron to Get Perfect Easy Waves

Like the old cliché about Eskimos and snow, celebrity hairdressers have tons of words for waves ? beachy, surfy, slept-in, just got laid ? and about as many ways to create them. Mara Roszak's pers...