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Title: Slope of Hope - http://slopeofhope.com/
Description: Reporting on the stock market from a predominantly bearish point of view.
Category: Home ~ Finance ~ Stocks and Bonds
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Slope of Hope
Technical Analysis, ProphetCharts, and Bear Markets

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My friend Grant Williams did this amazing presentation; I urge you to watch it (or at least listen to it in the background!)
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A Sloper sent me an email, which I liked so much that I asked if I could make a post out of it; he kindly agreed to this, so here you are: I read your post Pity the Sub Genius and agreed with a lot...
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Looking around the gold sector at some of those who have tried to keep ‘em bullish all the way down. The peddlers of hope are irrepressible. Huey writes that gold stocks are well supported by the e...
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