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Title: Slope of Hope -
Description: Reporting on the stock market from a predominantly bearish point of view.
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Slope of Hope
Technical Analysis, ProphetCharts, and Bear Markets

I Have a Screen
Greetings from Long Beach, California. For those of you who might swoon with envy about the prospect of hanging out on a California “beach”, allow me to share with you the view from my 10th floor h...
Cold Comfort Farm (Part 4 of 4)
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Cold Comfort Farm (Part 3 of 4)
Happy MLK weekend, everyone. I am sharing with you all the charts of the stocks in which I have short positions, broken into four parts (half for Slope Plus, half for everyone).
Market Week with Slim
Wow, Bob, Wow
I was delighted to find out that Twin Peaks, a favorite show of mine, was returning after twenty-five years. And then this occurred to me………. Spooky, huh? Here’s one of my favorite scenes from the ...