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Title: Slope of Hope - http://slopeofhope.com/
Description: Reporting on the stock market from a predominantly bearish point of view.
Category: Home ~ Finance ~ Stocks and Bonds
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Slope of Hope
Technical Analysis, ProphetCharts, and Bear Markets

Forget What They Say And Watch What They Do
Once again we are breaking records on a near weekly basis. Week after week and sometimes daily new never before seen in the history of financial markets record prints. Yet, business people across t...
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Price Action in the SPX:VIX Ratio Still Volatile?
Further to my last post on the SPX:VIX ratio, price is still consolidating and we’re awaiting a break one way or the other (above 180.00 or below 110.00). Meanwhile, volatile swings continue, pushi...
I last wrote about Cynk Technology Corp back on July 9 when it was at the “lunatic” price of $9.70. Well thank goodness I couldn’t short it, because it more than doubled shortly thereafter. And the...