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Slope of Hope
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Title: Slope of Hope -
Description: Reporting on the stock market from a predominantly bearish point of view.
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Slope of Hope
Technical Analysis, ProphetCharts, and Bear Markets

With Gratitude to the Dark Lord Marty
Since I had a good day, I wanted to provide our savior Marty with an encore performance. For the uninitiated, this clip is of a ventriloquist’s dummy preaching against the sin of pornography (I sup...
Harry?s Charts of the Day
Originally published on
It?s Just One Wafer Thin Mint Monsieur
SPX retested the ATH as expected yesterday, but made a marginal lower high, as did NDX, which I wasn’t expecting. An acceptable double top setup has formed, and if we now see a daily closing break ...
Black Bars Matter
Here’s something we haven’t seen in weeks………..a couple of proximal down-days in crude oil! Weeks ago, crude was a reliable down-every-day market, but it turned into an up-every-day market. Looks li...
Triangle Breakdown Continues
Well, that spiffy little symetric triangle I discovered on gold turns out to be reasonably important. We continue to weaken on gold (and, consequently, miners). Here’s the front month: As for equit...