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Title: Robinz CAD Blog - http://rcd.typepad.com/rcd/
Description: Designs, programming tips and more from Robin about using CAD, especially in the classroom. She talks about web design and other IT related subjects to help you excel. Application announcements and computer technology news.
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RobiNZ CAD Blog
A blog with CAD (AutoCAD), BIM (Revit), Design, IT and related stuff!

Autodesk Application Manager — One update to rule them all
I?ve been doing a few software installs recently; updates to Autodesk Building Design Suite 2015 at the previous workplace and a fresh install at the new one. As a result I?ve come to really apprec...
Farewell to The Warehouse, Hello Auckland International Airport
It isn?t unusual to look forward to a long weekend but Easter 2015 will be particularly memorable for me. Last Thursday was my last day working for The Warehouse Limited (TWL) after seventeen, woul...
MS-DOS Mobile, the future is past
I?ve really enjoyed testing Microsoft?s latest mobile operating system: MS-DOS Mobile. It runs incredibly quickly on my Lumia 1520, once the boot sequence is finished. Typing commands is quick, v1....
A fix to keep the Windows Phone @HERE Drive+ app there
I really like the HERE Drive+ GPS application on my Nokia phones. Although I usually know where I?m going I run it all the time for traffic and speed limit reminders. Recently swapping from Drive+ ...
11th Anniversary, blogging to the roof of the world
The end of March means it is blog?iversary time again. Eleven years since my first tentative post. If anyone is to blame, and thank, for all this it is Shaan Hurley. I read his Between the Lines Au...