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Title: Robinz CAD Blog - http://rcd.typepad.com/rcd/
Description: Designs, programming tips and more from Robin about using CAD, especially in the classroom. She talks about web design and other IT related subjects to help you excel. Application announcements and computer technology news.
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RobiNZ CAD Blog
A blog with CAD (AutoCAD), BIM (Revit), Design, IT and related stuff!

Revit 2016 Performance comparisons
If you?re debating whether to migrate a project to 2016 these posts from ?The Factory? may help the decision. A look at how Revit 2016 uses multicore processing to improve model navigation. Inside ...
Revit User Group Wellington May Meeting announcement
Details of next Wednesdays RUGWELL March meeting: First presentation: Case Study - The Adelaide Convention Centre West Building by John Hainsworth - Aurecon Suitable for all levels of expertise, Fu...
Autodesk 2016, ready by 4539?
I think I?ll restart and hope for a faster connection to get these patches?
How to get a dual monitor set up at home
It is a multi-step (and quite expensive) process, but worked for me: Get a heat pump installed (nowhere near the PC, not even using the same power circuit) Arrive home and start computer, discover ...
Got a question about AutoCAD? Ask Autodesk Answer Day!
If you have an AutoCAD question check out the upcoming answer day (May 7th US Pacific). Post your question and get an answer direct from AutoCAD Platform team members. Their post below has all the ...