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Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin

Huge Play. First well. Results Soon. Here it is:
Where should you drill for oil? How about right beside a deposit that has produced 850 million barrels so far? And what if you had one of the most successful teams in the history of junior energy d...
3 Charts Explain Why I DON?T Own Oil Tanker Stocks
I’m always looking to invest my money in oddball places in energy; subs-sectors that are outside the mainstream.  That would include areas like ethanol, which I’ve done quite well at, and technolog...
There is Less Than ONE Day?s Surplus of Natural Gas
Natural gas supply and demand fundamentals have changed in a major way.  In March there was way too much gas.  By November there may not be enough…at least at these low prices. NOW is the time to p...
Where are the Bakken leaders Spending Money? Everywhere Else
Is The Bakken oil play dead in this low price environment? Continental Resources (CLR:NYSE) and EOG Resources (EOG:NYSE) were two of The Bakken pioneers.  These companies were early movers in the p...
Why The Saudis Folded Like a Cheap Tent
The volatility in oil over the last two weeks has been gut wrenching. But an OPEC deal to limit oil production was reached.  The Saudis and the Iranians have always been the stumbling block for suc...