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Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin

How to Become an Energy Expert in ONE Day
Last year’s Toronto show was the single best event we have ever done.  Great speakers made it, and the line up of companies was stellar–most of them created huge capital gains for shareholders. Thi...
Half The Oil Price But Four Times The Free Cash Flow
Half the oil price but 4x the free cash flow! Sounds like a pitch from Barnum & Bailey’s circus, doesn’t it–Step right up folks and see it with  your own eyes! I’m going to show this magic trick–st...
I Found the Holy Grail of Energy Stocks
I found the Holy Grail of Energy Stocks. No more volatility.  No more ups and downs.  No more trading. Just a secure, certain dividend stream that I think will grow every year–for the next 14 years...
What Canada Has That The US Doesn?t?Oil Stocks
Investors are trained by analysts and management to talk about oil prices when looking at energy stocks. But that?s a misnomer; a mistake even?especially in the United States, where the hydrocarbon...
The Resource Market is Back ? Join Me in Toronto!
THE RESOURCE MARKET IS BACK!!   OIL?OPEC cuts make N. American oil stocks a NO-BRAINER                                      a.Donald Trump is just the icing on the cake NATURAL GAS?tighter supply a...