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Title: Oil And Gas Investments Blog - http://www.oilandgas-investments.com
Description: Delivering the latest news, in-depth analysis, timely insight, and public company selections in a quality subscription investment newsletter, focused on Canada's oil and gas industry.
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Heavy Oil?s Week from Hell?and How to Profit From It
Low prices, high discounts and high condensate prices are conspiring to make this The Week From Hell for Canadian heavy oil producers.  Heavy oil prices are now at the bottom of the barrel. And not...
The Only Stock I Own That?s NOT Oil and Gas
My personal portfolio is always 100% oil and gas?except for this one stock. When I heard how revenue is soaring at this company?in a multi-billion dollar industry that is one of the fastest growing...
What happens when the Marcellus? Biggest Producer Gives Up?
By: Bill Powers Sanford Bernstein is a boutique brokerage firm that the Market considers “smart money”.  But I have hard time believing their May 4th call that Marcellus/Utica gas production will j...
In a Tough Market, I Own the Best
How many energy stocks are seeing their profit margins increase in this environment? That?s exactly what I expect to happen when my favourite company announces their next quarterly in mid-August. T...
This Trade is So Simple Your Grandma Would Get It
The Obvious Trade That The Entire Market Has Missed It is as plain as the nose on your face but it has been missed by virtually everyone, especially the analyst community. Yesterday (Monday) was th...