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Title: NLP Training - Life Coach Certification -
Description: Global NLP Training provides training seminars and tools for certifying life coaches in Europe and North America.
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Feldenkrais & NLP: Revolutionary Methods for Human Potential

“What is Feldenkrais?” is a question that NLP (master) practitioners have been asking me a lot lately. Historically, the creator of Feldenkrais connected personally with one of the co-creators of N...

5 Tips to use NLP Practitioner State Elicitation & Submodalities

NLP Practitioner training offers many tools and techniques, two of them being state elicitation and submodalities. The challenge is that there are so many NLP practitioner techniques that one has t...

NLP: Are You Using the Right Standards for Yourself?

In NLP Metapgrograms there are two types of references: Internal Reference and External Reference. Understanding what you are or someone else is, gives you a fairly good predictability as to how th...

Post-NLP Master Practitioner Bali

Date: 5-11 April 2017 Number of days: 7 Location: Ubud, Bali Level: NLP Master Practitioner (varied experience levels are assumed.) Certification: Life Coach (Society of NLP), Advanced Coaching Mas...

Life Coaching: Benefits of 10.000 Steps

10.000 steps a day as a life coaching task or a means to improve your life may be the way to go for you too! Ten years ago I started my 100 pounds weight loss efforts (while I was ill ) by walking ...