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Overcoming my fear of public speaking
Each week in my public health management class, we read and comment on blog posts in the Harvard Business Review. One post, entitled Fear Means Go, got me thinking about all of the fears I had to f...
My study trip to Cuba
  In January 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend one week in Cuba and learn about its healthcare system, thanks to the CUNY Institute for Health Equity and Professor Marilyn Aguirre-Moli...
Paid Sick Days: A Public Health Issue
Imagine ordering a meal at a fast food restaurant, recipe and seeing the person preparing it sniffling, decease coughing and sneezing. It probably happens more often than you realize. Most fast foo...
Write to your elected officials regarding public health policy
In order to affect health policy, clinic public health students and professionals must reach out to elected officials to make our voices and opinions heard. One way to do this is to mail out a brie...
Superstorm Sandy: A Manhattan Perspective
After the APHA meeting in San Francisco, sovaldi coming home to New York on October 31st was no ordinary feat.  Many of my colleagues had their flights canceled and were stranded for an additional ...