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Once, twice, three times a shoddy parent

The Spears didn't just do a bad job with Britney, undisputed car wreck of 2007, but they did an equally shoddy job with little sister Jamie-Lynn. At 16 Jamie-Lynn is pregnant and clearly looking to...
Spanish affair

I would never put 'Woody Allen' in the same sentence as 'healthy romance' but Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are forcing my hand. Both Spanish actors appear in Allen's new film, still just titled ...
Third Time Stupid

While Britney Spears patches things up with her mother (and hopefully gets some decent advice for a change), Pamela Anderson has picked up the stupid baton. And she is running with it for all she's...
Hawaii Sex O
And it just keeps on getting worse. Fresh from handing the kids over to KFed under orders from a court, Britney is now facing another potential personal disaster. Never mind the driving licence/hit...
Bye bye babies
Well, the inevitable has happened. Britney is still on Planet Crazy-Fuck-'Em-All and has temporarily lost custody of her kids. A judge ruled yesterday that the kids go to KFed as Britney allegedly ...