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Mob Boss Sustains Ping-Pong Injury in Prison; Files 10M Lawsuit
A former mob boss has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Metropolitan Detention Center because he slipped and fell during a heated game of ping pong. Yes… ping pong. The New York Daily News re...
Erratic Drivers Tell Cops They Were ?Under the Influence of the Aurora?
In most cases, any driver who admits to a law enforcement officer that they?re ?under the influence? will find themselves on their way to jail. But apparently, when someone is ?under the influence ...
Border Patrol Seizes Massive Drug Catapult at US-Mexico Border
You have to admit, drug smugglers have gotten pretty creative in terms of how they transport illegal substances. Earlier this week, we posted a blog about a smuggler who tried to bring nearly $800,...
Arrested: Thieves Try to Smuggle Pot Into the US in ?Fake Limes?
Customs and Border Patrol officials in Texas say they were a bit surprised when they searched the trunk of a car in Pharr, Texas, and found it was stuffed with more than 30,000 key limes. They were...
The Great Book Heist- Gang Steals $3M Worth Of Rare Books
Police in London say they?re still looking for leads in a recent book heist.  The crime wasn?t your average smash-and-grab; the thieves broke into a warehouse that was holding some of the world?s r...