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Arrested: Police Dispatcher Caught With ?Hundreds of Pounds of Pot? in Basement
People who work in law enforcement are not above the law, and it would seem that 40-year-old police dispatcher Teneal Poole learned this the hard way. The 36-year-old woman was arrested earlier thi...
Bad Parenting: Mom Live-Streams 10-Year-Old Son Driving, Gets Arrested
There are a lot of news stories lately about people live-streaming their crimes. And for some reason, these people always seem surprised when police track them down, cart them off to jail and tell ...
Brothers Eat Mushrooms, Smoke Pot, Get Arrested for Getting Naked & Making Ou...
Brothers eat mushrooms, smoke pot, get naked, make out, threaten and assault people, get arrested…. wait make out??? Yes, we get that it might take a minute or two for you to digest all of that Thi...
On the Run: Woman Poisons Husband?s Lucky Charms to Get Out of Sex
She should have just told him she had a headache?. Police in Nevada say they?re still on the lookout for a woman who is accused of poisoning her husband?s cereal because she wanted to get out of ha...
Florida Crime: Drunk Man Loses Car Keys, Steals Forklift
It was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes. People who?ve consumed a bit too much alcohol don?t always make the best decisions (like the girl from Ohio, who started doing cartwheels when...