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Title: I and the Bird - http://10000birds.com/iandthebird
Description: A Carnival of writings that delves into everything birds- from musings, ramblings, photography, art showcasing and more!
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Critically Endangered: Sociable Lapwing
Gujarat, December 2010 Target for today: critically endangered Sociable Lapwing (Vanellus gregarius). The official definition of CR status says the...
Henslow?s Sparrow at Jacob Riis Park, Queens, New York
We were at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in central Queens on Sunday afternoon. We being me, Daisy, and Desi, having a...
Sooty Terns are Very Loud
I’m not quite sure why I started thinking about Sooty Terns today, but once I did couldn’t get them out...
The Plateau Effect
Birders can often be predictable. For example, even though you know I am The Greatest Ornithologist, it would surprise none...
Cassin?s Kingbird, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York
Late in the evening on Saturday, 15 November, phone lines started humming after Kai Sheffield reported a Cassin’s Kingbird at...