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Title: I and the Bird - http://10000birds.com/iandthebird
Description: A Carnival of writings that delves into everything birds- from musings, ramblings, photography, art showcasing and more!
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In the forests of South America, a birder is likely to cross the path of a feeding flock of brown...
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I was sorting through a large mixed flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds and European Starlings at Fort Tilden on Friday morning when...
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In honor of fall, and of the Chipping Sparrow that just smacked itself (thankfully not too hard) against my balcony...
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So I asked seven wildlife rehabilitators, ?Tell me your favorite (or one of your favorites) release story ? the kind...
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New World vultures of the genus Cathartes (Greater Yellow-headed, Lesser Yellow-headed and Turkey Vultures) look much alike. Greater and Lesser...