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Being a Small Business Owner

I was reading in another writing blog (actually, several writing blogs) about acting like a business, and it?s importance. I had a conversation about this yesterday with my fiancé, too, so I think ...

Freelancing: Fact and Fiction

Many people have a romantic notion of being a freelancer that bears little resemblance to the truth. There’s the old cliche that as a freelancer, you can wear your pyjamas all day. Many fantasize a...

Being Aggressive in the Freelance Marketplace

Get Your Career On! It?s important to stand out from the crowd not only when you?re sending out queries to new gigs, but also when approaching others in the freelance marketplace: ˇ Prospective cli...

The Web Copy Writing Fiasco

I spent every day for a while scouring the Job Bank at, waiting for opportunities. I saw one that seemed very simple, write five small paragraphs of website copy for $10. I ema...

Inspiration Supplied

Are you the type of freelance writer who is inspired by what you see while working? I?ve always loved being surrounded by things that keep me inspired and keep my muse entertained. I find that, whe...