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Description: Wain Bennett, field negro of Jamaica, highlights a remarkable person everyday who contributes to the world in some exciting, special way. Read about these magnificent people who make the world a better place to live in for you and me.
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field negro

A day in the life of Joe Wingnut.
The following is from a friend's facebook page. (h/t Steve) And it sums up, perfectly, the farcical and absurd nature of the right-wingnut mind.

"A day in the life of Joe Wingnut:

Joe gets up at 6:00...
Stay away from "shiny objects".
To quote Uncle Joe Biden, this Russian story with the trump administration is "kind of a big deal".

Now comes word that the president's lawyer, Michael Cohen, hand delivered a peace plan for Russia ...
Terror in Sweden?
   * I am not sure how many of you ever had the pleasure of shopping at one of those IKEA stores. It can be a very pleasurable experience. They actually have a nice little cafe with some good thing...

I need a caption for this pic.

Example: " How about a fist bump?"

*Pic from  
Presidential vacations.
Remember when wingnuts got upset if the Obama's went on a date or on vacation on our dime? I do.

Well, consider.....

"President Donald Trump may have been elected as the nominee of a party that pride...