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Title: Everything Everywhere - http://everything-everywhere.com
Description: Experiences from having been traveling around the world since March 2007. I have visited over 40 countries and counting.
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North American National Park #35: Glacier, British Columbia
The name of this park can be confusing as there is a Glacier National Park in Montana as well as a Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Glacier is a Rocky Mountain national park which is not part o...
This Week in Travel ? Episode #173
Jen Leo, Chris Christensen and myself are joined by this week’s guest Tim Leffel from CheapLivingAbroad.com. This Week’s News: Knee defender: United flight grounded, cops called after passengers ar...
North American National Park #34: Kootenay, British Columbia
Kootenay is adjacent to two other national parks: Banff (which borders to the east) and Yoho (which borders to the north). It is also a component of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World H...
North American National Park #33: Yoho, British Columbia
Yoho is just over the border from Banff National Park and borders Kootenay National Park on the south. It is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. I’ve alwa...
North American National Park #32: Nahanni, Northwest Territories
Occasionally I visit places which are amazing, yet no one seems to know about. Places like Oman and South Georgia Island. I like to champion those places to get people more aware of them. I have an...