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Title: Everything Everywhere - http://everything-everywhere.com
Description: Experiences from having been traveling around the world since March 2007. I have visited over 40 countries and counting.
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Frozen Bubbles in Abraham Lake, Alberta
March 2015 Desktop Wallpaper
This month’s image was taken at the Palace of Sans Souci, Haiti. 19201200 | 19201080 | 16001200 | 16801050 | 1600900 1440900 | 12801024 | 1280800 | 1024768 iPad | iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus ...
UNESCO World Heritage Site #292: National History Park ? Citadel, Sans Souci,...
From the World Heritage inscription: This property is an eminent example of a type of structure illustrating the historical situation of Haiti at the dawn of its independence. These Haitian monumen...
The Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Man Fishing in the Village of Ganvie, Benin