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Title: Everything Everywhere - http://everything-everywhere.com
Description: Experiences from having been traveling around the world since March 2007. I have visited over 40 countries and counting.
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Castel Sant?Angelo and the Ponte Sant?Angelo in Rome as Seen By Night
Camera NIKON D300S ISO 1600 Focal Length 38mm Aperture f/4.2 Exposure Time 1/25 Rome is one of those places where you could spend an entire career photographing the city and never run out of subjec...
This Week in Travel ? Episode 192
This week’s guest is Sherry Ott who talks about her Niece Project, where she is taking her six nieces on trips around the world. This Week’s News: United Airlines Pays Man a Million Miles for Repor...
A Path Through the Woods in Isle Royale National Park
Camera NIKON D300S ISO 320 Focal Length 31mm Aperture f/5 Exposure Time 1/125 I visited Isle Royale National Park as part of my 12,000 mile 2014 summer road trip. It is an island in Lake Superior a...
Enjoying Bedouin Music During Petra at Night
Camera NIKON D300S ISO 400 Focal Length 12mm Aperture f/4 Exposure Time 8s I first visited Petra in 2009 on my second circumnavigation around the world. Like most people, I visited Petra in the mor...
The Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 4 ? Episode 4 ? The Time I Bumped Into ...
This week I don’t have a guest. I talk about my travels this summer, my visit to the USS Harry S Truman, diving in the Florida Keys and visiting America’s newest World Heritage Site. I also talk ab...