Hello, I’m Ben, and I’m your host for the Bloggeries Community Blog.

The Bloggeries site is a resource for bloggers. We have a forum, a directory, tools and articles. But apart from the blog reviews, Bloggeries hasn’t ever had its own blog.

We created the Community Blog so we could start publishing tips and tricks of our own, and also link to other sites that you might find useful.

We’re aiming to help people who want to make something out of their blog. You might be blogging just for fun, or as part of a business. Either way, the Community Blog is here to help you maximise the impact that your blog can have.

There will be one new post every Tuesday, and there may be additional posts as we bring guest writers into the mix. If you’d like to write for the Community Blog, keep an eye out for the “Write for us” page, which will be added soon.

So that’s a quick intro to the blog. Now for a bit about me. I’ve been involved with Bloggeries for a few years, helping with everything from forum admin to building tools for the site. I’ve been blogging for five years. I currently run a blog called Quick Blog Tips, which has been around for 2 years.

We hope you find the blog useful!