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Description: At Legal Blog we address issues that are important to the legal community, injury victims, consumers, and those interested in consumers' rights.
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Symptoms Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury or TBI impact over 1.5 million individuals and their families every year. Theásymptomsáof TBI fall into roughly four (4) categories – cognitive, physical, emotional, and slee...

MIT Bicycle Accident Map

If you are a bicyclist, San Francisco can be a beautiful but dangerous place to bike. If you are a motorist, it can also be a dangerous experience. And for anyone who doesn’t believe us, just take ...

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New Study: nearly half of homeless men have sustained a past traumatic brain injury. In San Francisco we have a reputation for many things – beauty, our bridges, our parks, the tech industry, our l...

New Brain Mapping Research

Two new brain imaging studies are out this month that show promise for help with traumatic brain injury victims. In order to fully explore, understand, and treat a complex body part such as the bra...

Bus Accident Kills 10

As reported by San Francisco’s ABC News affiliate and other outlets, a collision involving a bus and a FedEx truck has resulted in the death of 10 individuals including at least 8 students from Los...