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What Your Vote Means for Immigration
As I discussed almost a year ago, immigration has become one of, if not the, key issue in the U.S. Presidential election. Now we’re in the final stretch of this election season and voters finally g...
Gender Pay Gap Contributing to Global Inequality Says Oxfam
A new report from Oxfam Canada suggests that the gender pay gap is contributing to growing inequality. While the pay gap varies from nation to nation, and between women within nations, not one coun...
Ep 100 ? Frank Discussions About Sexual Harassment at Work & the Election
The Internet exploded last week on the topic of sexual misconduct and harassment for Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump. According to a 2008 study by the Association of Women in Action, ...
Workification of Games: Office Freakout is More Mindless Work
Gamification, the application of game elements to non-game tasks and activities has spread from marketing trend, to education, to our daily lives at home and at work. App developers have made a gam...
Will Millennials End Up Being Less Creative in the Workplace?
I was reading an article by Lisa Baird, a former principal designer at IDEO, talking about the existence of Unicorn employees, ?the type of person whose professional expertise is both deep and wide...