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Giving Positive Feedback in the Workplace
It seems that a lot of what we talk about in HR and management involves rules and policies. We make sure policies are updated as laws change and discipline employees who can?t seem to follow the ru...
What Does Corporate Diversity Really Mean?
This blog is part 3 in my what is affirmative action series. In part 1, I defined affirmative action. In part 2, I took it the definition of affirmative action a step further. In part 3, we are foc...
How to Give Performance Feedback to a Failing Employee
No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but as a leader, it?s an important, though unfortunate, part of your job. In the past, it’s been reported as much as 60 percent of employees haven’t recei...
Is Personal Branding Your Route to Workplace Fame?
In today?s very busy world we are bombarded with thousands of messages and images per hour. If you are a job hunter the dilemma is how to make your message stand out. If you are a recruiter your di...
3 Keys To Building Trust & Communication at Work
I once had a friend from grad school say to me, ?You?re pretty cool .. even though you work in HR.? Stunned and confused, I replied, ?Um? I?m not sure what that means.? He went on to say, ?We?ll I ...