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I have spent the last few weekends looking at online deals for gift giving — who am I kidding, I start my holiday shopping in June. My first jobs were in retail, as was my first HR job. I remember ...
These Employee Turnover Myths are Hurting Your Company
There?s a lot of misinformation out there regarding employee turnover. Some ?experts? recommend employers keep an almost hypervigilant watch on turnover rates, while others recommend employers stop...
Focus on 4 Characteristics of Attitude as the Employee Loyalty Barometer
Henry Ford understood that for a company to be successful, the best employees must be loyal to the company.  In order to reduce the high turnover rates and increase productivity, he did something t...
Legacy Thinking in Human Resources Part 2
Last week I wrote about Legacy Thinking in Human Resources and the fact that HR departments, and companies in general, need to dump their ?legacy thinking? in order to meet the requirements of a fa...
Episode 12 ? Business Etiquette for Millenials with Carey Sue Vega
Episode 12: Business Etiquette for Millenials with Carey Sue Vega (@etiquette101) Millenials are invading or workplace at a fast pace. By 2020 Millenials will account for 40% of the workplace. It’s...