Here’s a bit of info to answer some of the more frequently asked questions.

What is the purpose of your reviews and ratings?

The purpose of our reviews and ratings is to raise the awareness of readers to quality blogs and to let those bloggers that really need to work on their blogging skills know specifically what points they need to work on.

How does your grading scale work?

Our grading scale works like this: Each blog is graded on 5 characteristics.

  1. Content
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Activity
  4. Appearance
  5. Navigation

Each characteristic is given 1 of 5 point values.

  • Poor – .20
  • Below Average – .40
  • Average – .60
  • Above Average – .80
  • Excellent – 1.00

So, a blog that scores Excellent in content, activity, and navigation but only average in appearance and uniqueness, will receive a total score of 4.20. We round the total score to the nearest whole number, so the example would equal a grade of 4.
What are the highest and lowest scores?

The highest score achievable is 5 which is equivalent to a 5 star rating.

  • 5 is considered excellent
  • 4 is above average
  • 3 is average
  • 2 is below average
  • 1 is poor

Are all reviews a result of review requests?

Although we do prefer to review blogs that are brought to my attention as a result of requests, we do a review of our own choice. Sometimes it may be a blog we have found and wanted to share because we liked it, or sometimes, we run across a blog that we consider poor, and want to give examples of “What not to do to a blog.”

How do I request a review?

It is very easy to request a review. On the Sidebar you will find a “Request a review button”. Clicking that button will take you to a request form. Simply fill out the review request form and we will try to review your blog as soon as possible.

If you link to my blog do I have to link back?

No, of course not. Although we do appreciate every link back to us, it is not something we “Expect”, just because we did a review. We would like to also suggest to those that want to show off their review, to use the Bloggeries Review Badges we place in each review. Simply paste the image to your blog, and link it back to your review. People will recognize that you have been reviewed by Bloggeries.

Can I copy the rating image and display it on my blog?

Absolutely! As mentioned previously, we encourage bloggers to use the ratings images to show off the fact that they have been reviewed at Bloggeries.

I got a bad review what should I do?

Well, the best advice is to not take a bad review personally. ALthough we strive to do all reviews from an objective point of view, we are human. We may not share the same opinion as others, and could very easily be wrong about your blog.

After getting a bad review I’ve greatly improved my blog, can I resubmit it for a second review?

Sure you can!! Although we may not make a full second review of your blog, we will try to ammend our previous review, as well as post comments to the first review.