rate3 Holloway Construction Consultants Blog ReviewThe Holloway Consulting’s Construction Experts Blog is what the title suggests and more.  This blog covers a diverse range of issues and answers many questions in the construction industry. Questions range from the Hoover Dam Bypass arbitration to residential construction.  It also offers a few entries showcasing the work of Holloway Construction.

This blog has a considerable amount of content for only having been around a few months (archives go back to May 2011). It is also well organized and easy to read. One suggestion would be to add snippets to the entries as now the front page is very long which may lead some readers to miss part of the content provided.

For those involved in a construction project or working in the industry it could be seen as a useful resource. I was particularly drawn to the blog addressing “residential construction disputes“, which could save a lot of time and effort in the planning and design stage of your house renovation, if you started here first. Avoiding problems before they occur is always a good plan.

The majority of the content is quite technical and not for faint of heart and the blog heavily leverages it’s content to sell Holloway construction. Believe it could be just as effective without pushing the product so much and having less posts on the front page. By doing so it could utilize the sidebar more effectively to draw in clients from the content of the blog.

This blog scores a 3.2/5 at the moment.

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