rate2 Sky Watch Blog ReviewFashion is all the rave these days in the blogosphere what with New York Fashion Week just passing, and London Fashion Week right on its heels. If you are looking for some good fashion advice from the blogging experts, then you may want to check out The Style Watch Blog.  The Style Watch blog is a fashion blog that strives to be a collaboration of all the fashion news that one can find on the web.   The blog is run by three ‘authors’ or bloggers, and works to provide you with everything you need to know about fashion. Though there is very little original content on the site, the blog does cover quite a range of topics which you can see in any of their most recent bloggerie: NY fashion: politics, celebs, and unsexy clothes; Chanel Mobile Art the Video; Why London is still a fashion capital; New NY fashions appeal to stay-at-home traveler; Fashion Week Fallout: Are Tough Times Ahead?; and “Sex and the City” fans can shop Carrie’s closet! 

handmscoop1sp6 Sky Watch Blog ReviewThe blog contains very little meat, thus making it a clean template and somewhat easy to navigate.  Bloggeries are left marginalized and appear in black text on white background with links highlighted in blue.  The blog offers a right sided navigation system as well where you will find a tag cloud, Pull Down Categories Menu, Authors Menu, a WordPress widget, and a video widget.  The Categories Menu is a little odd for a fashion blog and seems to contain labels for odds and ends such as TV, areas of the globe, and a few pertinent fashion related topics.  The content also is a little bit strange as mentioned, this blog seems to be more a parlayer of news feeds rather than a provision of original content. Bloggers are not writing content per se themselves, but retrieving content from other websites and posting it.  Mind you, they are not claiming originality, however when reviewing blogs the amount of original content on a blog is a factor in the overall review.

Overall this blog gets a 2/5 at the time of review, and this is primarily based on the lack of meat this blog needs. Primarily the blog is lacking in original content, and there is little if any to speak of on the blog. News sources can be reached by other means, so if the bloggers are wishing to retain readers, providing links to news stories is simply not enough. From a navigation perspective, the blog needs more blog essentials for the readers to use such as a Recent Posts Menu and possibly a comments menu. Though, considering the lack of originality here, I would guess few if any comments would be coming in.  Further, the appearance of the blog is somewhat bland for a fashion blog, as fashion readers like to see all of the pretty things they like the most, and while this blog offers the bare bones for graphics, I doubt it would be enough to sustain a healthy readership. Bottom line, my suggestion would be for this blog to start again, implement some blog meat and some original content at the very least in order to see any success at all.

- Chrissie

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