rate3 Shopping 4 Coupons and Promo Codes BlogThis blog is for the shopper or the bargain hunter in all of us, and it’s called the Shopping 4 Coupons blog.  Shopping 4 Coupons is a blog designed to provide online coupon codes where shoppers can check for deals of the day, special merchant offers, promo codes and free shipping deals from hundreds of online stores.   The categories offered for these online coupons is quite extensive, and there is a little something for everyone here.  The blogger hopes that you will save money by shopping online through this extensive collection of coupon codes and deals of the day.  You can see this for yourself in any of the recent bloggeries:  Free Kershaw Knife at OutdoorPros.com, Find a Pet Sitter in Your Neighborhood, Bachelorette Party Gear Save 10% Promo, Tickets Now Tickets Sale Save 20% on FTD Flowers for Mothers Day, and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Coupon Code.

The blog is organized with a clean template design, and this aids in its ease of navigation.  Bloggeries are right marginalized and there is a left navigation system. Bloggeries also are in black text on white boxed backgrounds, and the blog is bordered in a light, lime colored border.  In the left navigation bar you will find the Entrecard, Requests Link, Categories Menu, Blogroll, Recent Posts Menu, Pages Menu, Archives Menu, and Recent Comments Menu.  The categories listing is very comprehensive thus ensuring that any kind of shopper would reap benefits from this site.  The Categories Menu includes categories such as Affilliate Marketing Deals, Amazon.com, Apparel Sale, Blogging, Buy.com, Clothing Sales, Computer Coupon Codes, Deals of the Day and much much more.

I give this blog a 3.0/5 for now and would suggest that most changes occur within the content.  Overall from an appearance and navigation standpoint the blog has a lot to offer with its clean and aesthetically appealing design.  The blog also contains all of the blog ‘meat’ and this assists with navigation and readability of the blog.  From a content perspective however, the more I read I sense that this is more a blog to showcase advertising in bloggeries format.  I am seeing very little written content within the bloggeries, and more advertising from the blogger.  Judging by the recent comments menu, these are more trackbacks and pings from other business blogs, and are not so much an indication of an involved readership. Should the blogger develop a more personal voice within the bloggeries, that may change.  Activity also is  hurting with bloggeries coming in every few days to a week or more in between.  Given that the blogger indicates regularly that daily deals are available on this blog, that activity rate is going to hurt their credibility.  I think with just a few tweaks to the written content, as well as to how frequent the content is added would definitely improve the likelihood of success with this blog.


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