Weight Loss Guide Blog ReviewMost of us have at one time or another attempted to lose some weight, whether we try to lose a lot or a little is all individual.  Today’s blog is going to look at just that concept, feeding into a huge demographic of the public that is trying to lose weight. The blog is called the Weight Loss Guide and is found on its own domain at  and is a blog geared to provide guides and tips on how to lose weight healthily.  This blog provides educational information on different products for losing weight as well as plans and strategies and nutritional facts.  The bloggers are dedicated to ensuring you lose weight faster, healthier, and in more reliable and natural ways than you have tried in the past.  You can see this for yourself through any of the most recent bloggeries: How to Find the Best Weight Loss Program For You, Get Rid of Cellulite with Cellulite Cream, Choose the Right Vegetarian Food for your Vegetarian Recipes, Easy Weight Loss Tips, Starting Over yet Again: A Guide to Successful Weight Loss. and a List of Fat Burning Foods

Weight Loss Guide - Lose WeightThe blog is a very busy site offering many navigation systems that almost make the blog a little too busy.  There are a couple of top navigation bars, a navigation system within the header, and a double sided navigation system as well.  In the top navigation bar you will find Featured Articles, How to Lose Weight, Weight Loss Diets, Weight Loss Products, Weight Loss Programs, Weight Loss Research, and Weight Loss Tips.  Bloggeries are left marginalized in black text on white background, and the blog has very newspaper style theme to it.  In the left sided navigation bar you will find the Pages Menu, Categories Menu, and a Recent Posts Menu.  In the right sided navigation bar you will find a multi-tabbed menu that includes Popular Posts, Most Comments, Search, and Archives Menu showcasing the two months the blog has been active.  In this navigation bar you will also find the Recent Comments Menu.

As it stands right now, there is little I could offer this blog in the way of improvement, and thus provide a score of 5.  The blog is very young, and like most new blogs is enthusiastic and has a lot of new material thus maintaining consistent activity.  Navigation is very easy on this blog with its many navigation bars, all of which contain a wide range of blog meat thus keeping blog readers moving through the blog at a steady and consistent pace.  The appearance of the blog is slightly overwhelming because of this, but overall the organization works well.  I do suggest some more pictures on the main page of the blog to avoid the newspaper style look that appears very texty with little relevant pictures.  The content of the blog is well researched and well written in a user friendly voice thus adding even more appeal to the blog. Overall, this is a blog with a hot demographic that should do very well over time.


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