rate3 Online Earning Opportunities   Blog ReviewIf you are looking for another way to make money online, you may want to stop and check out Online Earning Opportunities. Simply put, this is another marketing blog and offers you user-friendly advice and tips on how to make money with your blog, as well as other opportunities to make money online.  You can see this for yourself through any of its recent bloggeries:  Entrecard vs. Alexa, ClickBooth – A Review of CPA Site, Kiiji Local Classifieds, BuyBlogReviews.com – Paid to Blog Site, and Earn Money Writing for Encylocentra.

The blog is well organized in a very simple blog theme which makes it easy to navigate.  The structure is such that bloggeries are left marginalized and there is a double-wide navigation system to the right.  Bloggeries are black text on white background and the theme and border around the bloggeries is a tan khaki color.  There is a simple top navigation system for basic pages such as Home, Blogroll, and Contact Me.  In the right navigation system you will find on the left side a Categories Menu and a My Blog Log Widget.  In the right side, there is a Archives Menu, Recent Posts Menu, Recent Comments Menu, Entrecard, and Advertising.  The Categories menu is comprehensive and includes categories such as Affilliate Marketing Sites, Blog/Website Development, Classifieds, Cost Per Action, Link Building, Marketplace, and many more.

Overall I give this blog a 2.6/5 with just a few suggestions.  The blog is well organized and the blog contains all necessary blog meat and thus does well for navigation.  The only thing I would change there is to combine both navigation bars into one, as currently both bars are only about half full and this leaves a lot of white space on the page.  I would also add an About page to one of the menu systems so that the blogger connects a little more personally with their readers and thus increasing their readership.  The appearance of the blog does need some work, and primarily this is in the advertising area and header. Nothing says professional like a custom header that is a form of branding. Having blank text takes away from the credibility.  Regarding advertising the blog has an ad embedded in the footer of the blog which is very distracting and makes the blog slow to load.  The blog also has so much advertising that in some areas it is difficult to understand what is blog content and what is advertising.  The word ‘Archives’ in the navigation system is also spelled incorrectly which may seem unprofessional to some readers and it does affect the appearance of the blog.  The content however is well-written in an excellent user-friendly tone that readers will be able to identify with and learn from, but if the blogger wants regular traffic, more updates in the form of daily content are recommended.


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