Blog Review - World of Quirky JessiBloggeries is going to look at another personal blog today, and the blog is the chronicle of The Quirky World of Jessi. Here you will find a place for Quirki Jessi’s odd thoughts, quirky ramblings, random pictures and nothing more or nothing less.  The bottom line for content at Jessi’s blog here is that, if it would cause a lot of “needed explanations to my mother….then I’m not posting it here”.  Given this, you will soon see that this is an all and everything blog that Jessi finds quirky or interesting.  You can see this for yourself in all of Jessi’s most recent bloggeries:  Meet Me (and all the other bloggers) at Bloggeries, Unsent Letters – Quirky Style, Quirky’s Inbox – Can You Tell the Difference Between a Horse and a Frog?, Play Pacman Online!, Check out Ferox, This Dog is All Decked Out… In Scuba Gear!, and PJC – You’re Toasted.

Delicious Salty FoodsThe site is fairly well organized making it easy to navigate.  Bloggeries are centralized and there is both a left and right handed navigation system.  Bloggeries are dark blue on an almost fluorescent blue background, and links are highlighted in a deeper shade of blue.  In the left navigation bar you will find the About Page, Subscription information, Archives Menu, Tag Cloud, Other Places to Visit Menu, Quotes, and a Writing Tip of the Day widget.  In the right navigation system you will find a widget for Jessi’s Quirky Lurki, a blog pet; What Quirkiness is Jessi Up to Now?, miscellaneous blog widgets and some advertising.  Every bloggery is accompanied by a relevant picture that adds meaning to the blog and the accompanying bloggery.

Overall I give this blog a 3.7/5.  This blog scores fairly good on most criteria though could use a little work in some areas.  The blog is easy to navigate with two navigation bars, however there is not much in the navigation bars leaving a lot of empty space neat bottom of bloggeries.  Adding a Categories and a Recent Posts Menu would definitely help in this area.  Content is well written and interesting, and Jessi writes with a strong personal voice that readers will connect with.  The activity however could use some work as bloggeries are not consistent, and coming in every couple of days to almost a week in between.  The blog is a unique blog with a fresh spin on the personal / humor blog and thus scores well in that area.  Overall, this is a fun blog to visit if you are looking for a getaway and something a little unusual and quirky in the blogosphere.



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