rate3 Sports Posters Blog   ReviewIf you are a sports fan, and particularly one that likes collectibles on your favorite teams or players past or present, then you may want to check out The Sports Posters Blog. The blog is dedicated to those in search of the perfect sports poster.  The blogger acknowledges that sports poster publishers are becoming a thing of the past, and thus with licensed sports products being hard to find, the blog would like to inform and entertain, and continue the promotion of sports poster collecting.  To learn more about what this blog has to offer, check out any of their recent bloggeries: More on DAMAC NFL Football Posters (1978-1983) – San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, March Madness – 2008 NCAA Basketball Tournament, DAMAC NFL Theme Art Posters (1978-1983) by Chuck Ren – Dallas Cowboy Variations, Professional Bull Riders Posters – the Toughest Spot on Dirt, A Nod to Uni Watch: Top 10 Posters Featuring Rare Sports Unifroms, and Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Posters – ISOC Beauties but Where’s the Primary Logo?

Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh PenguinsThe blog has a clean wordpress template and very little blog meat which makes navigation simple.  Bloggeries are left marginalized and in black text on white background.  The blog offers one right sided navigation bar which currently contains a search bar, recent entries, and a links menu.  Many pictures are associated with each bloggery, which is good in that it adds some color and spice to the blog, but at this point there may be too many as it is taking the blog a long time to load.  Other than blog content however, there is not much else to navigate or find of interest on the blog.

I will go with a 3/5 for this blog at this point, as it is a sparse looking blog lacking some essentials necessary to keep readers interested.  Appearance wise the blog is clean, however, there is so little other than content on the blog that it is actually looking a little sparse in terms of overall appearance.  The lack of what I refer to as ‘blog meat’ is making this blog look somewhat empty, and is also affecting its navigation scores.  To add to the blog’s appearance, the blogger may want to consider adding elements such as Recent Comments menu, categories menu, subscription widgets, archives menu, contact information, and the like.  Right now, with the lack of blog meat, the blog does not offer anything in terms of connecting with the readership, and thus is not likely to sustain a healthy readership over the long term as a result.  Content is well done but is sparse with new bloggeries coming in every few days to a week or even more in between.  Overall, if this blogger wants to sustain a healthy readership, regular content and more blog material will be critical to its overall success. A possible example of blog material would be the authors thoughts on the posters being displayed; many other possibilities.


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