Make Money Online with Kivinar Blog ReviewIf you are looking for another website that offers you tips and tricks of the trade of making money online, than you may want to have a look at Kiviniar’s blog. The owner of the blog is Kiviniar, a 24 year old who writes from India, and left his full-time job in December 2007 to earn a living online.  Kiviniar is also seeking an MBA in Marketing, and will see that dream come true in about a year and a half.  Kiviniar has spent a lot of time building websites and making money from them, but he is taking it to the next level by blogging about it in his goal to become the New Age Webmaster.  He enjoys building websites, but wants to use his blog to interact with peers and to help some newbies along the way.  At Kiviniar’s blog you will find updates on the best money making opportunities on the web, as well as web technologies or anything else he may find interesting or even controversial.  Find out more about Kiviniar’s blog by reading any of his recent bloggeries:  Voxant Newsroom CPM Rates for March; Bloggers Need Advice, Up Start; Time to Moan Again: Frustration or Ecstasy; Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing, and Free WordPress Themes at Sutra

Page Rank DanceThe blog is well organized and neatly laid out which makes it easy to navigate.  Bloggeries are left marginalized and there are two right navigation systems as well as a top navigation system.  To note, this blog is better viewed in Firefox.  Bloggeries are in black text on white background and links are highlighted in a light turquoise.  In the top navigation system you will find links to the Home page, Glossary, About page, Contact page, Forums, and Free Directory.  The left navigation bar offers you advertising, Webmaster Tools Menu, The List Galore, Tag Cloud, Categories Menu, Archives Menu, and a My blog log visitors widget.  Categories you will find on this blog are things like Affiliate  programs, Announcements, Cash Cow, Contests, CPM Programs, Freebies, Glossary, Java Script, Paid Blogging, PHP Scripts and so many more.  In the far right navigation bar you will find the blog meat – Recent Posts Menu, Recent Comments Menu, Highest Rates Posts, Blogroll, Contact Info, Family and Friends List, and stats menu for how many readers are online at Kiviniar’s blog right now.

This blog gets a 4/5 as it scores very well on just about every count.  The blog is well organized and contains all of the essential blog materials thus making it very easy to navigate.  The blog is simply laid out with a clean design so it scores well for appearance as well.  The only change I would make to the appearance is the ads located within each post.  They may be a little distracting to some readers if they are confronted with ads within every bloggery.  The blog is unique in its own right, so it scores well there as well.  The content scores well as it is well-written and the techniques and tips are given in a user-friendly voice that most bloggers will appreciate.  The activity however could use some work as bloggeries are coming in every few days at most, and the most recent bloggery is about a week old.  The blogger will  need to be a little more active in order to sustain his readership. Otherwise however, this is a well organized blog with user friendly content, and thus, it should sustain a healthy readership over time.


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