rate5 The Parenting Diaries   Blog ReviewIf you are a mom, then you will appreciate the sentiments that you will find at The Parenting Diaries.  The Parenting Diaries is exactly what it sounds like – a blog about parenting.  The blogger is writing her way through the joys and journeys of parenting, and it is most definitely a personal blog.  The blogger describes the blog as an honest to goodness account of the joys of motherhood, its bumps on the road, and the joy her child has brought to her life since 2003.  She also speaks of nothing but love for her daughter, who is described as the inspiration and strength she herself gets everyday.  You can get to know this blogger and her daughter a little more through any of her recent bloggeries:  The Experiment, I should get a Tattoo on my Forehead, Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party, Falling Sick Has No Perfect Time, 24 K Gold, Talking About My Lines of Valor, He Just Wouldn’t Quit It, Time Travel, and How Would You Interpret This.

bleach my skin The Parenting Diaries   Blog ReviewThe blog is well organized in a clean layout that makes blog navigation very easy.  Bloggeries are centralized and there is both a left and right navigation bar.  Bloggeries are black text on beige background and the blog is bordered in a soft orange with links highlighted in deep rustic color.  The color scheme and theme is very warm and inviting, excellent choices for this type of blog.  In the left navigation bar you will find a blog calendar, Recent Posts Menu, and a stats counter.  In the right navigation bar you will find the RSS button, Archives Menu, and blogroll.  All bloggeries are accompanied by relevant pictures which add meaning to the bloggeries, and make the blog aesthetically appealing overall.

I give this blog a 4.5/5 as it scores very well on all accounts.  This is a blog I found myself wandering in between posts and activity, which for me is always a sign of a good blog.  The content is well done with the personal voice you would expect in a personal blog.  You can truly get to know the blogger well from her writings.  Activity gets perfect scores as well, this blogger is truly dedicated and writes in every day.  The appearance of the blog is very well done, with no distractions and in a theme that is warm and inviting to its visitors.  Navigation is also very easy on this blog.  I would suggest moving the two navigation bars into one however, as there is a lot of space on both navigation bars which could be made better use of by filling that space up a bit.  I also think a categories menu would be beneficial to this blog to organize it a little more.  Overall however, I enjoyed reading this blog and I think it could sustain a healthy readership over time.


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