rate4 Style It   Blog ReviewFashion bloggers across the globe are doing everything they can during Fashion Week to make sure every last nitty gritty fabric details is noted, which celebs were spotted where, and of course, who they were wearing when they were spotted. Style It is not exception. Style It is where the fashion nerd meets the pop culture obsessed. Style It defines fashion nerd as the girl who knows who designed what and when it was worn. Style It also offers a wide range of celebrity coverage, and this is the pop culture component of the blog. The blogger of Style It is a 20 something girl with Southern Roots that is taking a break from higher education to pursue her dreams. She is obsessed with fashion and the people that make it tick. You can see for yourself exactly what Style It wants you to know about the collision of pop culture and fashion in her latest bloggeries: Fashion Week: Day Four from the Tents, Fashion Week: Day Two Live from the Tents, Fashion Week: Day One Live from the Tents, New York Fashion Week: Monopoly on Mania, Publicist Interview: Dina of Michael Rogers PR, Ask Style IT: Mexican Must Have, Obsessed: Conair Facial Sauna System, Define your Line with Borghese, and Hayden Panettiere in Lucky Magazine.

 Style It   Blog ReviewThe blog is neatly laid out in a clean template which makes it very easy to navigate. Bloggeries are left marginalized and are in black text on a white background and links are in black. In the right navigation bar you will find advertising; subscription information; Links to add Style It to your facebook, Twitter, or MySpace; What’s Hot menu; and an extensive Categories Menu. The Categories Menu is divided into several main categories – fashion, beauty, celebrities, and entertainment, and these categories are further subdivided into more distinct categories. I did like this feature on the blog and found it very useful from a navigational standpoint. Each bloggery is accompanied by relevant pictures, which, for a fashion blog, truly adds meaning to the posts.

This blog gets a 4/5 from me. This is an excellent blog for fashion, beauty, or anything celebrity and it covers all niches very well. The blog scores well from a navigational standpoint as well as for appearance with its clean design and well-organized template. The blog is unique enough in that it offers its readers what they want in a very readable way. I enjoyed the style of the content as well as it wasn’t too technical, which some fashion blogs can be, and it read in a very personal almost tongue in cheek voice which gave the blog some flavor. The only thing the blog is really lacking is consistency in activity. Posts are coming in every other day to a week and some in between which may disappoint its readers. Overall however, this blog delivers to either the fashionista or the fashion nerd in every other way that it needs to.


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