rate2 Minty Money   Make Money Online   Blog ReviewBloggeries is going to look at another money making blog today, and this one is called Minty Money – Online Money Making Help Source. The blog does not have an author profile or about page, but it does appear to be a money making blog. The blogger uses standard money making services to make money on the Internet, and offers information and advice on these services. You can get a feel for how this blogger makes money on the Internet by reviewing any of his recent bloggeries: Website Name and Feed Changed, Referral News, Use MyBlogLog, Please Don’t Blog, and The Clickbot Fraud.

The blog is fairly young so there is really not much to it at this point. This normally makes it somewhat easy to navigate, but the blog does have some navigation concerns. Currently the formatting is set for only one post at a time appearing on the main page, and I do suggest the blogger change this setting to allow for a more blog-like look with at least a few more bloggeries on the page. If readers are looking for older posts, it will take them a long time to do so, and they will not likely stick around to keep clicking until they find them. The other navigation concern right now is that the Home link in the Header navigation bar does not work. It clicks back to the former website for the blogger with a ‘Page Not Found’ error. The blogger definitely wants to fix this as unworkable links are never good for the success of a website.

Bloggeries are left marginalized and are in black text on white background with links highlighted in blue. There is a right navigation system that contains subscription information, Content List (Archives Menu), Recent Posts Menu, and a menu for step-by-step signups for services such as Feedburner, Gmail, and blogroll. There is currently no categories menu which I attribute to the youth of the blog, but there are labels attached to posts. Currently labels look like ‘Feed Address Changed’ or ‘Website name changed’ and I recommend the blogger change these labels to searchable terms that the search engines would pick up. I also recommend the blogger add an About page or profile as this will enable the readers to connect purpose and vision to his blog a little bit better. Again, due to the youth of the blog, it is a little difficult to get a real grasp on what the blogger is looking for.

This blog definitely needs some growth and some work, and thus I am going with a 2/5 at this point. The blog does well for content and appearance, and at this point these seem to be its saving graces as the rest of the blog needs some cleaning up. There have been some issues the blogger needs to work on already discussed, so I would suggest the blogger start there. I also think if the blogger updates a little more frequently than he may see some additional traffic as well. Overall, I think this blog has a great running start, and with some advice out of a review, it may be just what the blogger needs to get his site rolling with some good readership.

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