rate4 Pencil Drawing Sketch Art Blog   ReviewBloggeries is going to look at an artist’s blog today, and the blog is about pencil sketching. The blog is called Pencil Drawing Sketch Art. The blogger is an amateur artist, but only in the sense that she has never been formally schooled in the field of either drawing or painting. She enjoys drawing and painting on different objects, and makes a point to use recycled materials. Her theory is, if she can make something useful out of something someone threw out, it’s one less thing in the landfills. If you enjoy stopping to look at those with a gift in the visual arts, then you will definitely enjoy this blog. Have a look at some of her recent bloggeries at Hendrix and Vaughan – Guitar Legends, Custom Pencil Sketch from Photo, Feedburner Widget Text Not Working, Horsin’ Around – Farm Heritage Shows, Biker in Paradise, Criss Angel by: Sierra, and Jim Morrison – This is the End My Only Friend.

devin hester chicago bears Pencil Drawing Sketch Art Blog   ReviewThe blog is fairly new and this makes it very easy to navigate. Bloggeries are centralized in white text on black background and links are highlighted in red. I normally don’t really like the black background/white text in blogs, but this blog has more to offer with its visual pieces and thus I think the black background is very fitting as a showcase for her art. The blog contains both a left and right navigation bar and a top navigation bar as well. In the left navigation bar you will find a Categories Menu that contains items such as Aerosmith, blogging, Criss Angel, Gifts, Island lake tanning, paintings, pencil sketches art, and so much more. The left bar also contains an Archives Menu, Blogroll, and blog Meta. In the right navigation bar you will find feeds, MyBlogLog widget, Advertising, and from the blogosphere widget. The top bar you have the Home links, About links, and Contact Susie link. I think the only thing that would make navigation easier here would be a recent posts menu so the blogger’s readers could find posts easily without scrolling through the main page.

I am going to give this blog a 4/5, which is a very good review for such a new blog. The blog scores well on all accounts. It is aesthetically appealing and scores well for appearance. The navigation system is very easy and I did not have difficulty finding anything or moving around on the blog at all. Other than a recent posts menu, or even a recent comments menu as the readership will support it, I have no other suggestions for this blogger. The blog is well organized and it certainly is providing good content for its niche. The blogger’s content is very good as well. This is clearly a personal blog on her personal art, and the voice of the content has a beautiful personal touch to it. The activity is doing very well as well, with content coming in just about every day. This blogger clearly understands the necessities for a good blog and she is doing very well at it. As her blog grows, I am sure her readership will as well.


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