money moose blog reviewWe all love to laugh at our finances once in a while (don’t we?) and this next blog is a good outlet for that. This blog is called Money Moose. Money Moose likes to be known as the money blog for real professionals, and is self-professed to be the number one non-financially skilled financial advisor in the world. As the blogger himself will tell you, many have referred to Money Moose as a parody site, but the blogger says that was is required to be a parody site (funny, jokes, and many page views) can not be found at Money Moose. Money Moose takes itself seriously, and ranks itself with The Wall Street Journal and CNN Money despite the fact that Money Moose is bringing in 600 page views a day. However, along with some humor you will be sure to find quality content in money, business, and finance, as well as some good investing guides at Money Moose. Go and see this for yourself by reading any of their most recent bloggeries: The 101 Dumbest Business Moments, Frugal Living EXTREME! 16: Financial Advisors, About that Tuna You’re Eating, The Customer Is (n’t) Always Right, Frugal Living EXTREME! 14: Shampoo, November News of the Moose, and Guerilla Job Recruitment Techniques.

Money Moose at WorkThe blog is very neatly organized, and this makes it very easy to navigate. Bloggeries are centralized in black text on white background and links and menu borders are in a light blue. The blog has both a left and right navigation system, as well as a top navigation bar. In the top navigation bar you will find links to Home, About the Moose, Advertising on MoneyMoose, and Contact forms and information. In the left navigation menu you will find a Pages Menu offering again these same links from the Top Menu, Categories Menu, Recent Posts Menu, and an ad for Entrecard Business Card. The categories menu is not large, but comprehensive for the topic and contains sections such as Financial News, Frugal Living EXTREME, Irresponsible Investing, Miscellaneous, and Money Quick Tips. In the right navigation menu you will find subscription options, Sponsor the Moose link, Valued Associates Menu (aka blogroll), Recent Comments Menu, and an Archives menu indicating the blog is just hitting the three month old mark.

Overall I am going to give this blog a 4, which is an excellent score considering it is so young. But the blog is very well done, professionally laid out in a clean easy template that makes it easy to read. The blog is organized nicely within this template that makes finding all of the blog meat very easy, and thus, easy to navigate. Content scores well as it is fresh and unique content written well and very clever humor. The activity is the only thing I would suggest improving at this point. The first two months of blogging looked fairly consistent, but the blogger has only brought in 8 posts in December. I would suggest the blogger bring in a little more consistency to not only keep the readership active, but also to bring in more traffic. Overall however the blog is doing well with an excellently established readership which can only improve as the blog grows.


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