Irrelevant Title Blog ReviewMany people that enjoy blogging enjoy reading blogs as well and the two past-times often go hand in hand. If you are looking for something fun to add to your reading list, you may want to check out the latest personal blog that Bloggeries is reviewing – the Irrelevant Title. That is to say, the name of the blog is The Title is Irrelevant… Or is it?. The blogger asks in his header, ‘The title is irrelevant…or is it?’ I am sure readers of the blog each have their own opinion to that answer as this is a blog on a little bit of everything, and some of nothing, but is very well done nonetheless. The blogger’s name is Gary, his purpose in life is to make people laugh and here he says you will find some of the most hilarious pieces of modern literature ever written. Or – the most awful piece of garbage. Gary doesn’t really care how you opine on his blogging, he’s going to do it anyway. Get a feel for the nothingness of this blog through any of his recent bloggeries: How Cool are You? Take This survey and find out!, Weird Phobias, Classmate Speech Evaluation, Words of Consolation, Nothing but Stupid…., My crazy story Pt.2, Why I Hate Making Phone Calls, If You Could Interview God…., Global Warming – The Silent Killer, and Some Toilet Humor.

doingwrong2vs2 The Title is Irrelevant   Blog ReviewNavigation on the blog is very simple and straightforward. Posts are left marginalized and there is a right navigation bar. Bloggeries are black text on white background with blue border and various shades of blue color theme with corresponding links in blue. In the right navigation system you will find an About page, Links menu, Previous Posts menu, and Archives Menu going back to September 2007. Bloggeries are written in essay format in the sense that each bloggery is fairly lengthy, it is clear this blogger is very dedicated to his writing. Some of the bloggeries contain relevant pictures, though the blog is more text than it is visual material. The content is well done, and appears in a strong personal voice matching the personal blog niche of this site. And overall the blog is a good read, you will smile, chuckle, and enjoy the tone of the blog. For me, it reminded me of a running series of Seinfeld episodes – humorous tales of pretty much nothing but you laugh nonetheless.

I will go with a 4 for this one, the blogger seems to be doing well on all counts. The content is well written and speaks to the audience, and the blog is fairly active as well. Currently bloggeries are coming in almost every day or every couple of days at most. Navigation on this blog is very easy. I might suggest a categories menu, but it may be difficult with the nature of this blog. However categories in keyword friendly terms may bring the blogger more traffic if he labels each of his posts with keywords. The blog is definitely unique, and definitely sustains the readers attention. I would suggest perhaps adding more pictures to the blog to make it more aesthetically pleasing, or to shorten up some of the posts. The bloggeries are fairly lengthy and it gives the blog a very texty look to it and for Internet readers, it may be difficult to stay on board with some of the posts. However, overall, this is a very good blog for one that has only been around for a few months and is well worth a coffee breaks read if you are looking for a good chuckle.


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