rate3 Avi Greens blog Tel Chai Nation   Review 

If you are looking to broaden your cultural scope on what is happening across the pond, you may want to have a look at Avi Green’s blog Tel-Chai Nation . The blog is authored by Avi Green and is a testament of ‘one proud Zionist resident on the state of the nation and abroad’. Avi was born in America in 1974 but moved to Israel in 1983 and writes about his strong belief in the public’s right to knowledge and accuracy in the facts on the nation he lives in. You can see what sparks his heart on these issues through his recent bloggeries: 9-11, Israel and America; Appeal in Al-Durah Case to take place today; 9/11: Never Forget; Dismantle the UN’s So-Called “Human Rights Council”; A Terrorists Disguised as Bin Laden?; Fatah Goons Beat up Students and Journalists; When does PC-ness Become Total Insanity?; Fascists in our Midst; and Pipe Bomb Boys had Bullets. 

greenarrow57vol1 Avi Greens blog Tel Chai Nation   ReviewThe blog is not going to score well on navigation as it stands right now. There are some serious formatting issues that have taken out the navigation systems and reformatted everything to the bottom of the page. Currently the blog is black text on white background and it is difficult to tell where one post ends or begins. The bottom of the page contains all of the material that is generally found in the navigation bars: About Page, Recent Posts Menu, Contact Information, Archives in a pull down menu format, and a variety of various pull down menus connecting you to other bloggers in the same niche. I currently don’t see any categories menu though I do note each bloggerie contains labels. Most bloggeries also contain a variety of relevant pictures which, if the blog was formatted properly would definitely add to the appeal in each post.

I am going with a 2.5 for this one, as the navigation and formatting issues make this a very difficult blog to read as it stands right now. This formatting affects the appearance of the blog so it really hurts the mark. Content is good and the writing is user friendly for the topic which makes the posts more appealing. The blog is definitely one in a unique niche that would appeal to a broad spectrum as well. I would also move some of the AdSense around once the formatting has been re-established as right now it seems to be a little distracting. Overall however, the blog needs to take care of these formatting issues if it wants to sustain its readership.


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