rate4 ReviewWOW   Blog ReviewIf you are one of those contest junkies that just can’t seem to get enough, you should really take some time to check out Reviewow – pronounced Review Wow. Like many blogs, started off as one thing and ended up as another. The author is very candid about his use of the blog which gives it a personal credible feel right off the start. The original intention of this blog was to post reviews, but this ended up being a blog on contests. The blogger joins contests hosted by other blogs and uses this blog as his ‘contest’ platform, but maintains his own personal blog elsewhere. You can see what kind of contests this blogger has been participating in through his most recent bloggeries: The Link Bait First Contest, blueJar Group Writing Project, Motorola Q Smartphone Giveaway, $250 Contest from NutsandMilk, Won $25 CAD – I Cool File Contest, Are you fooled by Ashwin Khanna?, and Arun’s Golden Egg Contest.

The blog is fairly new and has only been around since May 2007, so this makes it somewhat easy to navigate. In the top navigation bar you will find a Home Link, About Page, and Contact Information. You will find the posts are left marginalized with standard black text on white background and links are highlighted in orange. The header is a cute cow motif which you will see throughout the blog. In the right navigation system you will find an About page, Categories Menu, Archives Menu, Recent Comments Menu, and subscription information. If you go through the archives, you will find them very easy to navigate. This blogger has also added author links to the archive section so if there is a specific author you are looking for, it will be easy to find. Currently there is only one author on the docket, but as the blog grows I am sure you will see more links there. If you do happen to be one of those contest junkies, you can get your fix in any of the categories he offers: Contests, Contests Won, Free Links, Others, ReveiWOW News, Services, Softwares, and Websites.

I will go with a 3.6 for this one, for me it just seemed something was missing to offer it more points. The layout is standard but could probably use some pizzazz to get readers visits a little lengthier. Right now with the standard black text and odd picture, there is really nothing major jumping out at me. The posting is almost daily with a few days in between the odd posts. These updates are usually made up for on other days where sometimes 2 or 3 bloggeries will come in. I am not certain what the readership is here either, as this is a relatively new blog, but the comments menu looks fairly active so I think the blog would do well with some advertising or monetization. I also think adding a blogroll and getting some blog community going on the site would add to the appeal of the blog. The content is well done in a nice personal voice that works well with this type of niche. So I think this blog is definitely starting out on the right path and should see continued growth and success. Best of luck!


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