rate4 The Gospel According to Rhys   Blog ReviewIf you are up for a fresh take on the human perspective, have a look at The Gospel According to Rhys where 1/6th of the world can’t access it, and 5/6th of the world doesn’t want to. You will find the blog at . It is difficult at first to determine what this blog is really about. But the blog is written by a 20 something self-proclaimed geek who lives in Colwyn Bay, North Wales in the UK. He has a long list of experiences on his resume, which I think allows him to offer a unique perspective in his writing style. He has been blogging for some time, and as such has appeared in the Guardian a few times, as well as on Radio Wales’s Mousemat. You can find links to his appearances on his About page. He also has been nominated for two years on the bounce in the Bloggies, but hasn’t attained the ultimate reward of a prize from there. Rhys blogs mostly about blogging, and specifically, how you can get better at it. Take a look at any of his recent blogs to get a taste for yourself: Sunday Speed linking for 19/08/07; Fair Review Friday – Batch 2; The North South Divide; Three Rubbish Things New Bloggers Do and Three Better Things to do Instead; What they Don’t Know Can’t Hurt Them; Football or Geeks?; The Weekend’s Events; Sunday Speedlinking from 12/08/07; Fair Review Project – Batch 1; and Sheds, Thunderstorms, and Cricket.

Rhys - The Blogger Behind the Blog! Despite its rather busy appearance, the blog is fairly easy to navigate. There is a top navigation system that contains links such as Forum, Advertise, Archives, About, Software, This Site, Donations, and Contact information. The posts are left marginalized with black text on white background with a grayish border. There are two navigation bars in the right hand side. The left navigation system includes featured sites, Me Elsewhere, Top commenters, Blogroll, Popular Posts, Recent Posts, and Recent Comments. The far right navigation system contains just advertising he refers to as adicons. There is a smattering of pictures here and there throughout the blog, and quite a bit of advertising throughout. There is also no Categories menu here on the blog, and given that it does take a bit to really figure out what this blog is about, I might recommend this addition. This would organize the blog more for the excellent readership that Rhys has.

I will go with a 3.6 for this one for now. As mentioned, this blog took some time for me to figure just *what* it was about. I would recommend the addition of a categories menu for this problem, as well as a more defined About Page. The About Page is a very interesting piece on what Rhys is about, but I would like to see more about what the purpose of the blog is. The appearance loses some points as well. I would suggest adding more relevant pictures in each post instead of in the odd post here and there. Also, the advertising is bordering on the excessive side. There is some advertising in the header, and in the right navigation systems as well. Overall it just makes the site look much busier than it actually is, and this leads to some distraction from the content. I might suggest just moving one of the nav bars to the left and centralizing the posts. That may make the difference. In other areas though, the blog does very well for content, uniqueness, and activity. His content is written very well, and even humorous which makes the topics more interesting and is probably what has attracted his 125 subscribers. His approach to the topics is appealing which makes the blog unique in its own right and he has been rewarded by that through a very steady following as is evidenced through his subscriptions and active commenting menu. I think after just a few of these formatting things got tweaked, Rhys could see an even larger readership.

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- Chrissie

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