rate5 NFL Football Revealed on Squib Kick   Bloggeries ReviewIf you are a football fan, get ready to kick it into high gear with the upcoming season. The blog NFL Football Revealed on Squib Kick is ready to help you out with that if you are not sure where to start. This blog is an anything and everything site for football, and if you are an overall sports fan, the blog here can lead you to an outstanding empire of sports related blogs. For football however, you want to check out some of their latest headlines to see what is happening in the world of NFL as we gear up for the season: Dwight Freeney is inked to a long term pork chop with sea salt; Shaun Rogers, Big Baby won’t be charged; NFL Fantasy Football ate my life; Peyton Manning is on tops, but what about Mark Bulger?; NFL Training camps open soon, Finally!; Cheerleaders in captivity and forced to cheer!; and Calvin Johnson in a long line of Lions Receivers. Whatever NFL football tidbit that you are looking for, you are going to find it on this site.

michael vick holding football NFL Football Revealed on Squib Kick   Bloggeries Review The blog is very easy to navigate with menus to the left, right, and bottom of the page. On the right you will notice some advertising and recent comments menu. Then take your time to scroll through the categories menu. Awesome! It has to be the most comprehensive NFL category section I have seen yet. Here you will find specific players including favourites Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, specific coaches, specific teams, and on and on. Anything related to the NFL will be here, and if you have a specific question it should not take you too long to get your answer. Also in the right you will find an Archives menu, find out who is linked to the blog, and visit the Sponsors menu and access ticket information. There is also a very extensive bottom menu where a very healthy sports blogroll is listed, any sport that piques your interest has a blog as well as a listing of all of the top headlines from each of those blogs. A very nice feature that I found added to the overall feel of the blog. Appearance wise the blog is appealing with black text on white background and green (think football field) bordering. There is a touch of distraction with advertising, but not enough to take away from the blog content.

I am going with a 4.5 on this one, as much as I do love this blog and its layout. It is definitely one of the most comprehensive sports blogs I’ve seen yet. However it is missing both an about page and a recent postings menu, both features that I appreciate in a blog, particularly when reviewing. I find these two features give the voice to the blog and would like to see them here. Not that it is not clear what the blog is about, but that personal voice from the Author always adds relevance for me. There is some advertising at the top of the right navigation bar as well I would like to see moved below the other content in the right navigation bar. This will give prospective readers a chance to see blog content before being hit with advertising. Otherwise, the blog’s content is spectacularly written with catchy headlines that make me want to read all of it. There is enough pictures with each post to provide relevance to the content as well, another very appealing feature. Further, the navigation is extremely simple, and the activity is just enough to feed the addiction of fellow NFL fans. This blog is very well done, and with just these few formatting changes it would merit a 5 from me.

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- Chrissie

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