rate5 Cyber Music   Your Guide to Music in Cyberspace   Blog ReviewIf you are looking for a sort of off the beaten path music blog, this may be just the one for you – Cyber Music. Cybersmusic is a blog featuring the best music from Americana, Blues, Classic, Rock, Country, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Pop, and you name it, it is there. You will also find some excellent running commentaries and favorites from the blog writer who classifies himself as a classic rocker. This self-described rocker has over 20 years experience in the music industry including being club and radio DJ for Warner Elektra Atlantic Record Sales, marketing, promotion, as well as a long history of being musically inclined himself. You can get a true flavor for this writer’s interests, as well as his keen ear for music through his recent posts: Warner Music Group & PremiumTV create video digital hubs, McCartney Thursday Night Live
Macca Plays Electric Ballroom, Clapton & Winwood Find Their Way Home, Memory Almost Empty @ Starbust, McTwee & Memory Almost Full Debut @ Starbucks, Other Tributes to Sgt. Pepper’s Album, and Sgt. Pepper’s in a flash.

story.beats.love.lkl Cyber Music   Your Guide to Music in Cyberspace   Blog ReviewNavigation on this site was great. In fact, it is one of the best laid blogs I have seen yet. There was one slight formatting issue on the front page, where the right sided navigation bar seemed to have dropped a little low on the page, but this glitch is minor. The posts are left marginalized, contain excellent content and catchy titles, and all have relevant links and newsworthy mentions in each of them. On the right side you will find a navigation menu to take you to the archives of the blog. This is an excellent feature of the blog. When you go to the archives section, you will get a full text link to each post in the archives. This way you don’t have to search for a needle in a haystack if you like to go through archived posts. I love this, it makes the blog so much user friendly, and wish I could see this in more of them. Scrolling through the categories you are going to find different links for genres of music, CD, Digital Downloads, DRM, DVD, Festival, Internet Radio, iPod, Lessons, Live Gig, Ringtones, and many many more. On the right sided bar, you can also visit other music blogs that are of interest to the writer and may be of you as well.

I am going to go ahead with 4.5 on this one, only because that formatting glitch on the front page is really distracting. However all else are all systems go. The content is very well written, and I love the interludes of news in between posts. Headlines are extremely catchy, and the Paul McCartney new album post/experience and posts like this really make this blog stand out from other reviews of the same album. The navigation is very well done (but for the glitch) and the activity scores are very high as well. I look forward to more updates from this site.

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- Chrissie

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