rate2 Lifetime Gamer   Video Games and More   Bloggeries ReviewIf you are into gaming, then you may like this site, it is called Lifetime Gamer and is meant to include anything and almost everything. From first glance it is pretty difficult to determine what the true intention of this blog is about. The layout is somewhat cluttered, but I will get to that later. Reading through the posts this blog is what is says it is, a blog about gaming. The most recent posts include Ever Wondered What Games our Fellow Russian Arcade Gamers Played?; Mr. Robot Review; The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Degrees and Careers; Gromit of ‘Wallace and Gromit’ Fame is the new ‘Top Dog’ for RCA; Blogger.com riddled with malware, yep you hear it correct; and Commodore looking to dip into video gamers wallets. I like how the site covers gaming in general, and not simply the topic of online gaming which is such a huge industry in itself. The blog opens up with some discussion on arcading and great pics of a Russian model of one of those old arcade systems. The Robot review post is also an interesting one if you are into futuristic technology, and if you aren’t, it works for a great read either way.

I need to be frank about the navigation however, if you are a gamer you will have some problems with this site. The posts are centered down the page and there are two navigation bars on either side, each with an assortment of “stuff” as the author titles. The left navigation bar includes an assortment of link menus – featured games, ebay auctions, online games and stuff, arcade stuff, gamers site stuff, unsigned bands free flash games, CD’s and stuff, friends and stuff, and a LOT of advertising stuff. You will also find on the left side the handiest archive tool I have seen yet – a drop down menu that allows you to locate specific dates for posts. On the right hand navigation bar you will see links and menus for da computer stuff, mo computer stuff, science links, geek people stuff, funny stuff, and yes, more advertising stuff. The unfortunate thing about both navigation bars is that it will take you some time to find all of this ‘stuff’ simply due to the exorbitant amount of advertising. I also wouldn’t mind seeing an About Me page on the blog, as there isn’t one currently. I think a categories menu could be added as well as that will simplify the blog a bit more and make it a little more apparent what the ‘stuff’ of the blog is about. Also the bloggeries themselves should be hyperlinked to open up that individual page.

The content is well handled, this blog definitely has a personal voice and some quips in and out of posts make that obvious. The writing is well done, but this is not a very active blog. The 6 posts on the main page included all blog activity since March 5, and while there was a June entry, I think more blogging is necessary. Another glitch is one post is missing a headline, which is obviously an oversight but when posts are few, the error glares on the page. Pictures are relevant and there are enough of them, however the advertising on this blog is excessive to the point of distraction. Unfortunately however, I can’t give this blog more than a 2.4 due to the aforementioned issues. A little cleanup and some regular content however I think will give this blog much success. If it was cleaned up and alot more active it could score well.

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- Chrissie

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