rate3 Chic Armoire   Bloggeries of A Fashionista   Blog ReviewIf you love clothes, then this blog may pique your interest — . Meet Michelle, the owner and author of Chic Armoire that is all about one girl in Central Virginia who is searching for intelligent fashion life on this planet. She has spent her entire life devoted to the world of paper cutting and dressmaking, breathed in the fashion magazines at a very early age, and was foreshadowing Steven Robinson’s LaCoste addiction by wearing one LaCoste polo dress for an interminable length of time. Michelle’s blog contains a host of fashion tidbits here and there, and whatever interest you may have in fashion, you will be sure to find it here. Read her recent posts to see how “deep” she is in: Tears of Joy (over a dress), Go International, Artbag of New York, SJP Bitten (it’s all ANYONE has been talking about this week), Fakes are never in Fashion, Q94 Melissa and Sid, Donatella Rules, June Rag Review Parts 1-3, Web Updates and many more.

Navigation on the site is very simple. The posts are right marginalized and the blog necessities are left marginalized in a navigation bar. The posts are relatively frequent, almost daily with a few exceptions, and the content is very conversational which suits this niche. There are plenty of pictures to satisfy fellow fashionistas as well. The left navigation bar contains her fashion story in the About Me section, as well as a host of fashion blogs to visit, recent posts menu, archives menu, and the Categories AKA “Everything in its Place” menu. If you are looking for something specific, you will find it in its place and the categories include accessories, the addict, banana republic, beauty, bliss, bumble and bumble, clothing, coach, fug girls, JCrew, mistakes, money, press, rags, RVA Fashionista, smashbox, storage, Style.com, Target, Tricks, and so much more.

I am going to give this one a 3.3. I like the navigation, and the content is somewhat unique from other fashion blogs. I really like the conversational style here. I also like how I am not swamped with advertising as I have been with previous fashion blogs (not necessarily for review, but on my own personal quest). I think this blog has a nice readership and could actually use a little bit of advertising if it wanted to monetize a little bit. I think some of the larger content pieces can be broken down into smaller posts to spread them out a little more. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more pictures, there are some on the main page currently, but when going through archives the blog gets a little dry viewing wise, not content. When a Prada bag is mentioned for example it wouldn’t hurt to induce other’s drool factors with a pic. Overall though, a very comprehensive fashion site that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

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- Chrissie

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