rate3 All Car Garage   Automotive News Blog   Bloggeries ReviewCar lovers will enjoy reading this blog, the The All Car Garage, The Ultimate Automotive News Resource. This site is dedicated to ensuring that any question you have on any vehicle is easily answered through their comprehensive compilation of anything that is automotive. Scroll through the recent posts to have a peek at some new models coming out: “2008 Chrysler Sebring to Make a Comeback” where you can see a vehicle that is one of the few offered as a sedan, coupe, and convertible; “Audi has Successful Tests at Le Mans” where you can get your car racing fix fixed; and a very comprehensive reviews on the “2008 Saturn Vue”, “2008 Altima 3.5 SE”, and “2008 Lexus LS600HL”.

 All Car Garage   Automotive News Blog   Bloggeries Review The site is very easy to navigate, as there is not much meat to the site. Posts are centered down the page and there are both left and right sided navigation bars. In the left bar you will find some advertising as well as the recent links menu that will take you to the posts mentioned above, and a menu for the RSS feeds. You will also find a menu for favorite links where you can have your Mustang drool time and visit the Ford Mustang site and the Mustang forums. On the right navigation bar, you will find a laundry list of automotive links in the categories section, and if you are looking for a specific model, you will not be disappointed. Here you will find a link to every model on the market, as well as categories for automotive news, automotive reviews, auto racing, concept cars, editorials, videos, other stuff, and the Isuzu. You will also find a cool links menu where you can visit links for auto-refinance, car performance parts, custom motorcycle parts, ACF car loans, car transport-auto transport, and JDM HKS parts direct Japan.

I have to go with a 2.5 for this one. This sits has very little to it in terms of meat and content, or if it does, it is largely being overshadowed by its abundance of advertising. While the posts are well-written, they are infrequent. I would not give much for uniqueness to this blog either as to me it did not really set itself apart from many other automotive blogs. While it offers a nice variety of appropriate pictures for each of the cars it reviews, there could be more. For comprehensive reviews perhaps provide both exterior and interior views from different angles, or set up photo albums of specific vehicles that you want to highlight. I also would suggest re-formatting the advertising extensively. It almost seems as if every post contains advertising, and the ads are literally taking over the blog distracting from the useful content. I would add maybe an About Me page as well so the readers can get a sense of who and why the blog exists. Lastly I would suggest more frequent content. While there may be a finite amount of vehicles that can be reviewed, there is a wealth of automotive news available that could be brought to the website to keep the readership alive. With a few of these changes, I think this site could be well appreciated by the automotive aficionado.

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- Chrissie

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