rate3 Zest Life Health and Fitness Blog! Be Your Best!   Bloggeries ReviewIf you ever need to take a moment and just regroup for a second, I recommend that you bookmark the “Zest Life Blog” as a quickie “time out” during the work day, or any day really. This blog is called Zest for Life and is not just a blog, it also offers a host of other links and useful information. The purpose of the blog is to share insights into “creating Zest Life” and the author, J.D. Ramsay wishes this to be a sort of Zest Café platform for ideas exchange, thoughts sharing and a means to enhance your energy, health, and vitality. He offers Zest Life Strategies towards a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life. You can see this in just the first few recent postings: Choose your Life; Change your Life in One Hour; Lose Weight and Feel Great with Safe “Ex”; Why you have to Love your Fears; Instant Gratification, Happiness, and You; Healthy Environmental Choices for Life, Creating Healthy Immunity and Lifestyles, and a list of Favorite Blog Sites.

zl logo3 Zest Life Health and Fitness Blog! Be Your Best!   Bloggeries Review This blog is fairly new so navigation is very simple. At the top menu, take a minute to look around and get a feel for the Zest Life philosophy. You will read about the Zest Life Foundation, Resonance, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Health. The overall layout is very simple, which lends to the simplicity of the philosophies J.D. is trying to convey. Standard black text on white background with some color on the menu bar and the right sided navigation bar is in a very soothing light aqua color. Posts are left marginalized, and there is a right sided navigation bar with a search menu, and About box, an archive box, and a listing of the recent posts.

I am going to give this blog a 3, but I think this site and it’s “youth” are the only thing impeding a large readership. The content on this site is excellent, and very well written, J.D. is clearly an expert in the field. Navigation is simple and uniqueness scores very high as well. I would suggest adding some pictures to some of the post just to make them pop a little bit. I would also suggest adding a categories menu to the right navigation bar. I think there are enough topics in the niche to warrant it. Also if you research the categories correctly you can start getting good blog search engine traffic and normal search engines are more likely to pick up the threads if they are in appropriate categories. The titles are catchy and the content well-done that making the posts stand out should not be a difficult task. I think if the site develops a good readership some mild advertising would probably do very well for monetizing the site as well. The posts also need to be a little more frequent to maximize traffic to the blog and also to establish credibility with the readers. Right now there is about 8 posts between January and present on the front page. Posting a few more times a week may make a significant difference to the blog traffic. Otherwise, as I suggest, a highly recommended blog with some very useful food for thought. Consider it as relaxing as a glass of wine at the end of the day.

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- Chrissie

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