rate3 NFL Guru   NFL Football at its Best!   Bloggeries ReviewAttention football fans, if you are looking for something to bide your time before the NFL season starts, here is a great place to do it, the NFL Guru. This site holds as its sole purpose the sharing of any news and analyses related to the NFL. I have a hunch that anything newsworthy on NFL you will be able to find it here first. The site brings you the latest on the NFL Draft, signings, trades, cuts, news, rumors, and articles and help on how to play Fantasy Football. As they promise, anything you need regarding the NFL can be found here. Recent posts include: NFL Positional Rankings: Top 10 Tight Ends, NFL Guru Season Preview: AFC West – San Diego Chargers, NFL Rumors: Alexander, Peterson Injured?, NFL Draft Recap: Round One Analysis, and NFL Mock Draft – Final.

ravens NFL Guru   NFL Football at its Best!   Bloggeries Review

Navigation on this site is fairly straightforward. The first suggestion I would make however in terms of navigation is to add an archived posts menu box. I am not sure how often people use those, but as a reviewer I use them frequently and if the readers really enjoy the site I think it could be useful. I also would suggest adding a recent posts column. Again, I find this incredibly useful not just reviewing, but on some favorite blogs if I don’t have time to read through everything they are handy tool to skip right to a specific post. Otherwise the site is well laid out. Though I am guessing this is a fairly new site just by the number of postings, I think it is doing very well with what it is offering. The top menu bar contains an about link, NFL schedule (definitely bookmarked that one!), contact link, bloggers wanted, donation link, and a list of popular posts. In the left bar you will find a list of categories for the blog and their blogroll such as NFL Official Sites, College Football info, 49ers News, and so on.

I am going to say 3.3 with this one. I can see the site is fairly new and needs some time to grow. And it will, football fans will enjoy this site as a very comprehensive resource for the NFL. The content is well written, almost to the extent of sports journalism. And the layout is appealing and not at all obtrusive. I would suggest switching the categories menu with the first AdSense bar, just so that ads are not the first thing people see. Also I would suggest more frequent postings, and possibly making the current ones shorter. For example, the Top 10 Tight Ends could be broken down into groups of 2 or 3 each day to entice consistent readership. The pictures however are excellent and appropriately dispersed throughout the site. Again, I think the only thing this site needs besides these few changes is some readers, and now that NBA is wrapping up and sports fans need something to do that should not take very long. Did you enjoy this review? Click here to get your own blog reviewed!

- Chrissie

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