rate4 Construction Marketing Ideas   Bloggeries ReviewIf you are in business at all, you want to check out Construction Marketing Ideas. The site establishes itself as a place to provide information and ideas for marketing and promoting your construction or construction-related business. The owner of the site runs a business that publishes regional construction newspapers in several Canadian and American cities and is currently building a network of approximately 100 regional and local construction sites. Some of the business’s publications and websites include: Charlotte Construction News, North Carolina Construction News, Ontario Construction Report, Ottawa Construction Report, Triad Construction News, Triangle Construction News, and GTA Construction Report. GTA stands for Greater Toronto Area, and I know that as I am waving from the Niagara Region as I write this. The site is designed to provide information and assistance on marketing or promoting your own construction related site, but if you look into it, you will find some good business sense that can be carried to many standard businesses.

The owner of the site, Mark Buckshon, writes and runs his business out of North Carolina and has a lot to offer business owners. Recent posts include: The SMPS Listserve: One of my most valuable resources; Coke, Pepsi, and Jeffrey Gitomer Do you Agree?; Five Golden Rules for Blogger Relations; Does ‘free work?; and Pricing, value and free services – The balancing act to name a few. One of my personal favorites was a great story about using executive air fares to get into the coveted lounge, but not actually using the ticket. You have to read “Marketing, time, and employees” to get that one.

The site is very simply constructed, this making it as simple to navigate. Posts are left marginalized, and the blog is active – already over 40 posts in May as of the 23rd. Down the right navigation bars you will find blog standards – a list of other construction blogs, recent posts, and the about me section. Here you will also find Construction Marketing Resources Links which if you are in the business, will be very useful to you. At the top of the page you can sign up for the blog newsletter.

I am going with a 3.5 here, and mostly would recommend some appearance changes to the blog. The site is so simple it does not appear interesting just from appearances alone. However the rich content makes up for that as all posts are well-written and the voice is clearly professional and knowledgeable. However some construction pictures, such as the ones on their publishing sites, would give this site a little bit of pop I think. Activity scores are high, as this blog is worked on regularly. And the content of the posts offers it some uniqueness points as well. I think also this site could use some categories, just to tag the posts a little more effectively and hopefully run up the readership. Otherwise, this is an excellently written blog and even offered me some tips for my own business (freelance writing that is) so I think it deserves a peek from anyone that is working for themselves.

- Chrissie

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