rate3 MyContentWebsites Internet Marketing Blog   Bloggeries ReviewYet another valuable resource for Internet Marketers. Stop into MyContentWebsite’s Internet Marketing Blog if you want even more tips and information on how to “build, operate, and monetize” your website. If you are a webmaster trying to make money online, this site is a pretty comprehensive look at both traditional and creative means to get the most out of your website. Recent posts include “Review Me opens up the marketplace”, “Traffic Exchange Programs”, “Collect Your payments on time-everytime, and “Another Opportunity for webmasters”. On this site you are not only going to find standard means of making money online, but you will find product reviews and marketing and advertising information that you may never have heard of before. There are tips and tricks here for both the novice Internet Marketer, to the expert Marketing gurus. If you are looking for any topic related to Internet Marketing, you will find it here.

Navigation on this site is fairly straightforward. The site has posts justified to the left margin, and categories and partners on the right sided navigation bar. Categories include any topic you can think of when it comes to Internet Marketing – Design and Graphics, Domains and Hosting, Marketing and Advertising, MCW Directory, Monetize, News, Resources, Scripts and Programming, Site/Product Reviews, and Website Content. The layout is simple with black text on white background, and there are no distracting colors or distractions. Overall, the site is laid out very traditionally, with external links being easy to get to.

I am going with a 3 however for this one. The site scores the most points for content, but it needs some work in each of the other areas. This blog could work on its advertising as the main page has little yet others have more; not sure why. Activity needs a little work with posts varying from one or two days apart to over a week. Overall the site has some good pictures to illustrate its points, but again, you have to dig for them. If some of these were moved to the front page, it would make a much bigger impression. That being said, I would still bookmark this page if I was an Internet Marketer because it is content rich, and the writing is very user friendly. Judging by the host of comments on each page, this site has a good following as well, which is also critical to its success. A few formatting changes will make this an invaluable resource tool.

- Chrissie

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