Best Celebrity GossipIf you are a celebrity gossip fan, this site is going to satisfy your appetite with a huge celebrity dish. To discover the latest and greatest on just about any celebrity, stop into Best Celeb Gossip: The Web’s BEST Celebrity Gossip Site to have a sip of “Celebrity Juice, Freshly Squeezed”. This site is co-authored by “two Gucci loving girls” in their 20’s who “take life seriously” which entails detailed involvement reading US Weekly, Star, People, and watching the latest episodes of their favorite reality television shows – America’s Next Top Model, The Pussycat Dolls, and The Hills. They don’t just read magazines and watch TV though, these girls are some serious celebrity scouts and their website is proof of that. When they don’t have time to fill your Celebrity Juice glass, they rely on their ghostwriter, little Bailey who has to be the cutest doe-eyed Chihuahua I have seen yet.

Recent posts offer up to the minute information on “Nick Lachey and Vanessa @ Derby Gala!!”, “Guess Who’s Hair is blowing in their face” a post where you have to guess the hidden celebrity, “Brad and Angelina split up” (one I am myself still curious about), “Shrek the Third LA Premiere”, “Paris Hilton…in the CLINK”, and “Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton Duet” just to name a few of the eye-catchers you will see upon opening the site. The site also comes with the disclaimer that nothing there is fact, and at best, is gossip, rumor, and speculation. It should also come with a second disclaimer that “reader’s discretion is advised” due to the nature of hollywood lifestyles; especially when quoting some celebrities.

Navigation on this site is extremely straightforward. The posts run down the center of the opening page and there are both a left sided and right sided navigation bars. On the left read about the girls, have a look at the cute little Bailey, and then you can follow a link of any celebrity information you can think of. If there has been a name mentioned on any site, show, magazine, or news piece in the last year, that name is included in this list. There is a different flavor of juice for every fan’s glass here. On the right sided bar, you can grab a quick link for any of the recent posts, subscribe to the feeds, and use a Google Search bar. There is also some contact information here for both of the owners.

This site is starting off very well considering it has only been around since March of this year. Because of this I am going to give it a 4.2 because it has yet to prove itself over the long run. Can Heidi and Niki keep up this pace of posting? I’d also like to suggest a few changes while they are working on getting themselves off the ground. For appearance and content the blog scores extremely well, you almost can’t tell it is even a blog. The writing is very creative and very well written which lends to some good uniquene points and original content. The updates are outstanding as well. The site was updated twice in the process of my review. This may be leading to some of the clogging on the site as some days have as many as 3 and 4 entries. I would suggest limiting some of these to 1, 2 or 3 and spreading out the not so important posts so that there is a steady daily flow. Some glitches on site are that currently neither of the subscription or feeds links are working, and the google bar needs some re-formatting. This is distracting from the professional appeal of the site. The AdSense is incorporated well however, so well in fact that I had to look for it!! That’s a first! I would suggest a few more AdSense bars formatted just as similarly if the girls are hoping to monetize the site. The site is young which explains the lack of readership and lack of comments, however starting off early with a review may be just what they need to get some subscriptions going. With these few simple changes, I think this site could well become a favorite drink of celebrity fans worldwide. It is starting off very well already for its youthfulness and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest!


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