rate4 Romow Internet Marketing Blog   Bloggeries Review If you are an Internet Marketer, you are going to find the official blog of the Romow Web Directory very useful. Open up the Romow Internet Marketing Blog and the first thing you will read about is “Kick-Ass Link Building Tips for your SEO Campaign”. The entire site is dedicated to Internet Marketing and things you can do to maximize your gains during your Marketing Campaigns. Learn the importance of Internal Linking, maximizing the benefits of Google AdWords, tips on Search Engine Optimization NO-NO’s, and a host of FREE Wordpress Themes for your blogging adventures in your Internet business. This site is geared towards the Internet Marketer that has been at it for a while, but may not be considered an expert. However, even if you are an expert, you will find some very useful information here. Coming here you should already be familiar with a few industry standard terms, but if you’ve been Marketing for as little as a month you are more than likely at this stage already.

Romow Internet Marketing Blog

Navigation on this site is very easy and user friendly. Recent posts are very easy to find and very clearly labeled. If for example you are looking strictly for the Big Flower Wordpress theme, it will only take you a few minutes to find it. Or if you are simply looking for some Wordpress themes in general, the site easily navigates you to them. The categories are fairly straightforward, and again, very useful for the novice Internet Marketer. You will find categories on content building, Google, General Marketing, SEO, Link Development, Social Networking, Traffic Building, Web Directories, and so much more. The layout is very informal, but exudes a business sense at the same time. The color scheme is green, and the text is green on beige background which is gentle on the eyes. Overall the site is very easy to get around.

This site is getting a 3.7 due to its almost daily posting, and excellent user-friendly content. The navigation scores very well, and the appearance of the overall site is not overbearing. I would make some changes to the AdSense however. Though the author has incorporated the color scheme of AdSense very well into the site design, there is quite a bit of it and it can be distracting. Also, while the content is very well written and easy to follow, the posts are quite a bit lengthy. I think for example the Link Building post can be broken down into several sections or bloggeries to entice readers to come back for more. Perhaps 3 or 4 tips one day with promises more to come for example would bring readers back daily. I also couldn’t help but notice there were no comments posted on any of the blogs, and no readers subscribed to the feeds. Given the tone of the site is Internet Marketing I found this surprising, however perhaps with these few changes the site may see more traffic. Overall however, it could be a very useful resource to any Internet Marketer.


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